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Yeah, this jam went bad for me. As a programmer, I didn't get along with Unreal Engine's blueprints. About the theme, I thought "Leaps and Bounds" went pretty well with my idea, I just didn't implemented very well. I tried to create a 2-player game where you play in turns, and first you create the "Bounds" then you "Leap" your path through the other player's Bounds, and who reach the end in less time wins. I wanted to implement parkour, different "Bounds" and more things, but couldn't learn how to do it in time, as I work a full-time programming job. Well, I think I'll go back to Unity as I made a better game in a week-long jam that I participated. Thanks for the vote and feedback!

Nice, thanks!


I was messing around with my game some minutes before the deadline finished. Then, I build it and uploaded it. After the deadline is over, I noticed that the last build had some bugs that could mess the gameplay. Can I fix the bug and update my game?

That happened for me too, and I didn't even submitted the last year game to this year jam.

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Thanks! My "lie mechanic" is that you can't kill the enemies, you have to make them kill themselves by shooting each other (level 2) or "kamikazeing" each other (level 3).

Also, just voted in your game!

Nice simple game! The controls are pretty solid, graphics, audio and effects are cool.

I just missed a crosshair to facilitate aiming at enemies. And the dash is kinda weird, you should dash at the direction you are moving, not where are you aiming.

Overall, it's nice to play, with a progression system this could become a great game! Congratulations!

Haha, right! My bad. I didn't checked the username :P

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Hello! Here's mine:

Hey! The jump is for the enemies that shoot (level 2) at you! Also, you can reach the lower blocks, which the enemies do not spawn over (they only spawn over the higher blocks, the ones you can't reach).

The gun is a good suggestion, maybe for an update? And, uh... yeah, everybody is quitting my game after dying :( I'll promise that won't happen in my next game!

I admit that the theme was underdeveloped. My idea was that the narrator (which is called "The Game") would lie to you about what you should do in the game, like: "Shoot The Cubes to weaken them!", then you shoot "The Cubes" and they grow stronger.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Oh boy, what a cool story-driven game! So many plot twists! And that kid... oh, I'm angry! Hahaha

This was the game with the most content I've played in this jam so far. The level design of the map is very memorable, the graphics and audio are well done, the gameplay is a bit troublesome at the start, but you get used to it and the story and dialog are so fun! Congratulations!

Also, I fell for the store three-four times.

Great game! It's very fun to play, but the bugs take the joy away a little bit.

Pros: The pixel art and animations are very pretty, the music and sounds fits the game and the gameplay is neat.

Cons: The enemies get stuck a lot, and you have to search them in the map. The difficulty spikes so fast. At the start, I have to search and lure the enemies, 2 waves later seems that there are 1 million enemies, which takes a long time to kill, and the wave takes too long to finish.

Overall: Very fun game, only needs a few tweaks and balance to be a 10/10 game!

Hello! Dropping the link makes it easier for others to access your game!

Mine is the following:

Hello! My entry is: I'll check out yours!

I'm pretty far from 20. I'll appreciate if you could help me get there!

My game:

Very fun! The platformer feels nice, as the shooting. Great variety of weapons, modifiers and enemies. Great fast paced game to spend some time!

Very simple game, but it feels very weird. The aim is too sensitive; the lighting is weird; the enemies spawn behind you, without warning; there are some signs on the walls that I don't know if are graphical bugs or should mean something; the "lies" aren't all lies (some of them do not have consequences).

Your game needs polishing (mainly in the gameplay) and more "replayability" (like random levels, or something like that). I'll keep checking it out, as it says on the game's page that you will keep updating it. If well done, this could evolve into a pretty cool game!

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Holy, this gave me RAGE! But it's well done!

Nice concept. The game feels a lot clunky (but then, looks like that was the intention, nice job lol).

The music, perhaps, could be "less annoying". It gets more irritating each time you die.

The graphics look okay, no problem with that. The transitions are well done.

I just don't get it why that portal at the windmill exists, just for RAGE's sake?

Just kidding (am I?). Overall, decent game, pretty challenging. Now I have a liar's free ticket.

True, I didn't expanded much from the "shoot to kill the enemies!" lie. It took most of my time to get the gameplay working decently and to create the enemies.

The enemies do produce a sound when they spawn, and that should make the player be aware that enemies could appear from behind (as LilNarwhal suggested, the enemies could make a sound while moving, which would make it easier to be aware of your surroundings).

Thanks for the rating and comment!

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Very glad you enjoyed! The cubes do make a sound when they spawn, but not when they move, nice suggestion. Waves of enemies would be great, also!

I assume that the graphics were lame, but I don't know much about shaders neither modelling. I'll promise that for the next jam I'll improve the graphics, haha.

About the theme: my focus were to keep it simple, and around the "shoot to kill the enemies!", but this didn't gave me much creativity and I didn't expanded much from that.

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!

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Congratulations on the birth of your child!

About the game: the sound can be annoying (I had to turn my volume down), the text is slow, and the game lacks development. But, I understand that things happen and you gotta prioritize your family. Now is the time to stay with whom you love. This is an unique moment, and you still have many jams to participate!

Holy cow, the ending gave me goosebumps!

The story is awesome, the gameplay is functional, the graphics are ok and the sound is really atmospheric. This was an amazing experience. Congratulations!

Obs.: I don't know what was the "even meaning of life" of the first (or second) puzzle. I was going through the even numbers (I thought it was the number of chromosomes in our DNA, 46, I guess?) and I luckily get it right.

Very nice! I liked the gameplay, very fluid, except when the enemies suddenly get really fast. The speed of shooting could be random between enemies, so all they don't shoot at the same time.

Thanks! Yeah, I'm aware of this problem with the UI, my bad.

I'm glad you enjoyed!

Terrific! The level design is splendid! This is very impressive for only 7 days. Congratulations!

I liked the game, but it gets repetitive after a while. After some time, I started getting the colors without looking directly at them haha. Congratulations for your entry!

Let's plaaay my gaaame! Only 4 have voted till now!

Hello! I'm very low on votes, so I ask you all to try my game! IMHO it's pretty fun to play! :)

Hey! Check out my game, "Unreliable":

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I tried to play, but I didn't know how. I didn't knew what was going on. I clicked the cards (which I couldn't read its descriptions) they overlap at the left corner, and a message appears. Then, I have to refresh the page to do the same thing, only that this time the message changes.

I didn't know what was going on. There were no sound queues, no UI hints, no anything that I could find to interact.

Hello! Here's my entry, I hope you enjoy!

Hey! Check out my game: I have only 4 ratings till now.

Hey! I'll rate yours , if possible, rate mine!

It's always nice to read some constructive feedback.

So, I'm a programmer, and I do not mess much with Unity. So the graphics and the audio wasn't really my focus, in fact, I'm just glad I could do it haha. I am getting better with it in due time. I also have a full-time job, so my available time to develop wasn't that great.

Enought with excuses, my main objective for the game was to be fun to play. I couldn't implement the lie mechanic exactly how I wanted, and I know it was really subtle. I'm glad you liked the game mechanics, thought. I appreciate your feedback, and see you in another jams!

Wow! The game is really well done, congratulations!

You could adapt it for mobile and release at App/Play Store!

Could be me, but I just don't get it how the game was related to the Theme of the jam.

If possible, I would appreciate your feedback for my game:

Very nice game! I love turn based RPG's and would definitely buy this if it launches as a full game!

Just some considerations: Some bugs have happened for me, like the music of the "walking" was overlapping the fight music, as the music wasn't stopped. Also, one message bugged,  "You gained 435 gold!", overlapping the UI of the "walking" part of the game. If you want more details on the bugs, or some ideas, send me a message!

tl;dr: I really liked the game, except for the bugs mentioned above that troubled my playthrought, But for a week of development, it's really well done! Congratulations!

Very good! Just one problem: I have an ultrawide monitor, and the UI was offscreen at the main menu. But I really enjoyed the game, very creative!

Very pretty! The controls are kinda buggy, and the voice are low sometimes, but I enjoyed!

Hello. Nice art, and music (you used Bosca Ceoil, right? Me too :)).

I have some critiques, let's get into it:

I don't know if it's a choice, but the controls do not feel in any way responsive. The space button must be pressed a LOT to work. Sometimes I tried to wait, pressing in intervals, and did not work. Sometimes I pressed space at the speed of light, and didn't work either. The same goes for the attack. The solution I found was jumping and pressing space/leftclick, that seems to work sometimes, except that when I jump the camera goes underneath the ground, and I can't see the level.

When I finish the level with the enemies, I kept going back to the start, and it keeps forever like this.

As I said, I liked the art and the music, and I would really like to see the game transformed into a full game, but at the state it is now it's so frustrating that looks like it can't be played.

Hello! I'll make sure to rate your game today! Here's mine: