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I am sorry for not replying sooner. I hadn't considered physical games. Why not? If you're willing to give it a shot, let's do it! 

60-90 Jam community · Created a new topic Jam Discord
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A bare-bones, basic Discord has been created.

Join here

Can I offer you the pallet swaps (for free) so that you can offer them up as part of the packs?  I am sure having the variations available to other creators would be a big boon to you and those creators.

The fact that you used the same blue highlights and lowlights throughout each of the human models made things very easy for Gimp's Color Exchange.

Just to be clear, I am allowed to re-color all four of the asset packs you sell to suit my needs.  Please confirm or correct.

Either way, thank you for the work you put in to these.  They are awesome!

I like the aesthetic.  What game engine did you use?

I overlooked that. Thank you. 

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These look AWESOME!  I will use them in my project.  :)

Edit:  For those who are judging/hosting...are using assets like this okay?  I didn't create them and want to ensure that it's okay that they are used.

That's an awesome solution! Thanks!

The only block that I see missing from the deluxe (I didn't download the regular) is a body for the robot.  I improvised with the tuxedo top.  Otherwise, great update!  I like that I can make characters with this set now.  :D

Keep up the great work!

That's awesome! The time crunch was to help motivate everyone to work at it!  The idea is that we're going to build on our from where it is now.  We'll mix in a bit of "everything" to build a fleshed out game so that we know we can make a quality product! Keep at it. :)

Godot MVP community · Created a new topic Final Hours!

The game jam ends in just a few hours!  I am looking forward to everyone's submissions.  :)  I hope that you guys have learned something and are able to use that in future productions!  

The jam is approximately 25% complete so far.  We have one submittal so far.  How goes everyone's projects?  What ideas are you having trouble with?

I look forward to your creations!  Let's all become better developers.

That's a fair question.  Dialog is meant as two entities interacting through "speaking".  My choice of words wasn't clear.  Thank you for asking.  :)

Godot MVP community · Created a new topic Starting Soon

Hello MVP Participants.  I hope everyone is well.  I am looking forward to everyone's submittals!  Please remember that we begin in about 36~ish hours.  Let's have some fun and let's start a game.  :)

Use this area to introduce yourself and maybe give a small idea of what you want to create!

Only 30 hours left.  I am curious as to how everyone's projects are coming, if you've been working on one.  I have only heard from one of you.  I hope it is going well.  :)

I look forward to seeing the projects!

I love the galaxy background.  That said, the first door worked perfectly.  The middle one didn't open (seemed intentional based upon the current iteration), and the third doesn't move but allows me to go through.  I like the blue hue to the ship as well.  Very pretty.

I hope everyone's projects are coming along well.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone will be producing!

If you've run into a brick wall, please post asking for help. Maybe others here will be willing to offer a hand. I will be happy to. 

The worst thing you can do is just quit it if frustration.  Keep on pushing, keep on coding! 

I like the art style.  The only tid-bit of advice/information I would offer is repeating the space background.  I have code somewhere that does that if you give me some time to find it.  It will help with the gray background that you see on both the left and right sides.

How are your games coming along?   What are some of the small things that you'll be doing to make your unique? What pitfalls are you running into? 

lol  No problem.  It will be a Google Drive link sent via email, like the last one (if you got the last one).  I haven't decided which assets to throw together for you yet, though.  Thanks for participating.

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Seems that way! Congratulations! I will be putting together some assets for everyone who participated to use in your own projects... so...uh... just you! :P

Only one submission so far!  I hope your games are coming well.

Let's see what you guys are putting together!

Fun little game!  I enjoyed it.  :)

Theme 3: Wildcard! 

This is where you get to choose whatever the additional theme will be!  Lack of gravity? Abundance of money? Just the right amount of water?  It's your choice! 

Theme 2: Light Scarcity! 

Was that movement or your mind playing tricks on you?  Who or what was that? 

Theme 1: Inventory Scarcity! 

There's only so much space for you to carry what you need. How will you manage? 

no problem. Just please post the link if you're pulling them from a website that way we're all on a level "playing field".  That's all I ask. 

yes you can. So long as they are free. 

Check now!  Let me know!  Thank you for the feedback!  :)

will do it later tonight! Glad it helped.

Fildasoft, how is it now?  Let me know.  If it is good, I'll lock this topic and we'll consider it resolved!  :)

I will happily change it when I get home. Sorry about that! I tried to keep it in Godot-themed colors.