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Kamani Arbus

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A wonderful game, I played it a while back. The characters were great, and the story was really neat. I greatly enjoyed the gameplay, and really it was just a lovely experience all around. Thanks for making it.

I played through this a while back and it's wonderful. Playing through the series of snippets is great, and just seeing the characters interact over the time is excellent. Definitely worth playing. Thanks for making it.

A wonderful experience. I really enjoyed this. The dialogue is wonderful, and the location is beautiful. Definitely worth playing through. Thanks for making this.

I played this just recently, and it was a delight. Thanks for making it.

Fiora: Full Bloom is just wonderful. Playing this made me feel... I guess validated maybe? I could have that wrong, words are hard, but it is what I have got right now. I really haven't seen many games that actually address gender identity, and this does it so well. I was a bit confused at first, since the game does not start out with a tutorial or anything, but figuring it out and being given the tools to figure it out felt right and worked really well. Also, the tilesets, character art, and music are wonderful.

I really enjoyed this and would absolutely recommend it, if you're considering trying it. I hope to see more from FallingStar Games in the future, everything I have seen from them and from the people in them is really good. 

Thanks for making this.