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Yes! hahahahah right after sending the comment I replayed the game and finally got the romantic ending. I don't want to say much because you know spoilers and all hahahah but it was perfect and I loved it very much!

Congrats on the game I really liked it and I hope you decide on making another VN.


I really really liked this game, omg!

It's so original and lighthearted, and the characters are so unique!

Also, the relationship between Metatton and the MC is so enjoyable, especially the flirting hahahahha

Sad thing is that I still didn''t get the romantic ending BUT I'LL TRY AGAIN!

Hey! So I don't know if only happened to me but I was happy and scared at the same time while playing your game and then, at some point they were'nt more questions to aske (the only question lead me to death) even if I eept pointing all the objetcs, nothing happenned.

I died like 4 times and I really like the game and want to know what happened to Maggie so.... maybe there is a bug or I'm just not very good at a detective.

Hi there!

First of all, sorry for my english, it's not my native language so probably I'll make a lot of mistakes while writing this comment.

Anyway, let's talk about important things aka YOUR AMAZING GAME. I just finishid to play the demo and I have to say, I loved it. I really like visual novels where your decisions have more weight, I mean, you can customize your character while playing by the decisions you make, soooo thank you very much for that, players will aprecciate this for the rest of our life. On the other hand, the story is really interesting and original (I love that a woman can rule a kingdom - girl power!!), and it seems that it's going to become better and better as the game progress.

Well, and what about the characters, WHAT ABOUT THEM GOD BLESS THEIR SOULS! They are soo beautiful (I love the one with the tatoos, I don't remember his name sorry but I was contemplating his beauty and funny personality) and they are soooo different, something that I really like too.

Finally I have to say that all the graphics and music are really cool and inmersive, points for you!

In summary, I love your game and I'm eager to continue playing it, btw, when is the full game going to be avalaible? and is it going to be free?

Anyway, a lots of kisses and hugs from Spain, I'll be patiently waiting here for more news about The Queens Crown! ^^