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Would love a free playground mode!

I should have put them into a save file but I was a bit lazy :/

I can make it reset every time the sim is loaded up?

Thanks! We plan on continuing development and adding many more levels.

we plan to!

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fun game, here's my 2 cents.

would be cooler if there was more too it, maybe a fluctuating market, a day system, more customers? Just some ideas.

One thing that I found was that clicking on the objects was a little weird, maybe have the computer automatically show you stock if you are close to it, and open the dialog with the costumer if you are near them. Because if also found that if you had the computer open, It would make it hard to see the dialog, and make the buttons not clickable. 

Also having ENTER be the "advance conversation" button while clicking buttons for what you say is very weird, just make left click advance the conversation, not ENTER.

Overall it was very captivating while I was still figuring it out. Could get pretty amazing if you expanded it more.

Thanks! I will definitely try to expand on this more after the jam!

Thanks for all the feedback! I will try to implement as much of this that I can, and fix those bugs!

the art is top notch. Loved the original mechanic, but as some people are saying, would like to see more combat. :)

wow, I’m glad your friend had so much fun! Sadly I didn’t have enough time to put in an ending or anything. But that’s a good idea for a future update!

thanks for playing! Might do that yeah, I changed the control scheme many times and so it might be better to have less drag now.

thanks! Yeah I was thinking of maybe adding knockback so it’s not as easy to get stuck in front of an enemy. 

yeah I figured it out :) feels great to finally find a fragment!

ah ok cool.

is there a game here? Its just a visual novel

pretty fun, very hard though :)

ah, and is there an end?

glitched when i clicked new game?

nice game! Used more than 2 colors though, and When you are in the middle its hard to tell if you are moving. Other than that its pretty great! Nice feedback from hitting the enemies too! Feels fun to play!

nothing to prevent me from just sitting still?

very weird. I like it though.

game wont start, you need the Unity dlls

get's impossible after a while but still fun :)

really hard XD

it looks pretty good, and even somewhat polished, but i'm having trouble figuring out what to do. I can't find where i'm supposed to go. The layout is a bit confusing. Other than that it looks good :)