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Fun game, the last area really tripped me out. Also made a video about it. Awesome Job!

I played the demo about a year ago and I really enjoyed it then. Re-playing it now in its full release is just awesome. I really liked the direction that the game went and the ambience is superb! I Highly recommend getting the game! 

I really enjoyed playing the game! I really enjoy these short low-poly type games. I also made a small playthrough :D

Holy shit I freaken loved this game. Made me jump and made me laugh a bit. I love these types of games. Great job mate! 

Hello fellow Normal Person, I enjoyed playing your game. It has taught me how to be Normal and no longer be an odd ball. Super fun happy time!

I really liked playing the game. Wish there was more to it!

I really enjoyed playing Karantiin. From the ambience to the textures, the game is pretty solid for being a Demo version. I also really like how in-depth the tutorial was. Great job, can't wait for the full release!

Great game! I see a lot of potential in this. I enjoyed the dialogue and the little game that I played with the NPC. I really wanna see the final product! 10/10

This game really touched my heart. Super awesome job and great ending! Made me tear up a bit.

I enjoyed playing your game! I have never been so scared of a gamer officer worker lol. Cant wait for the full release!

I really enjoyed playing your game! I really like the claymation aesthetic and it added another level of creepiness. I can't wait for the full release!