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I know it requires scripting. I've made levels with McPixel 1 before. What I mean is the scripting is so extremely simple that you don't need any experience whatsoever to use it.

What do you mean sprites will take forever to import? You just choose the file, click import and it's there. Games on modern systems usually don't take any time to load small-scale pixel graphics like that, lol :D

But also, I hope I'm not stepping on any toes, maybe we just have differing opinions!

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I really don't think McPixel 1's level creator was hard to use at all... You didn't really need to have any knowledge of coding/scripting at all to use it. Have you read the creator guide yet?

Also I'm not sure if an ingame tool to make pixel art would really make sense. What's wrong with simply importing sprites you made in dedicated (pixel) art programs?

That worked, thank you so much!

Thank you for the answer! But I've already been consulting that page and nowhere does it say how to actually delete lots (except that there should be no household occupying them). Or am I missing something?

Hi! I wanted to make a custom world and this doesn't work for me unfortunately. The lots are completely empty (devoid of households, objects, anything) and I have"EditWorld" plus"IgnorePlacementRules"activated. I then select the Remove tool (I tried both the button and "quick remove" by pressing Ctrl) and then I tried clicking on both the active lot and other surrounding lots, but nothing happens.

Any help is appreciated!

Awesome! Thank you! :D

That sounds amazing! Thank you for the quick answer! Do you already know when we can expect it?

McPixel 3 community · Created a new topic Level editor?

Hi! Does McPixel 3 have a level editor to make your own levels like the first game did?

Hey, I'm just wondering, is the player's gender predetermined? Or is dialogue refering to the player kept gender neutral?

Amazing concept!

This is really cute! Love the idea! :3

Well, there isn't much to do yet! But so far I enjoyed making my avatar and dressing them up. And in general I'm not a person who plays a game each and every day. I'll head on the site once in a while and play a little and since it's still a work-in-progress I'm content with that! :)

Also I must add, that in my eyes it really isn't unreasonable to pay $5 to get early access to something! So many people do that already with games, artwork, etc. It's just to get an early look! Of course you won't get a polished finished product, it's called an alpha for a reason!

Looks great so far! Love the artwork, especially of the pets (they look really cute)! I'm excited to see what the future holds for this game!