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Great video! Loved the reactions and it was cool to see someone playing my first game again.

Thank you so much for checking out the game. Absolutely loved the commentary and feedback. :)

Hey Panda. Yeah this project wasn’t fully completed and I regret not expanding it more. I was very limited on what I could do as a solo dev but I can only move forward. 

Thanks so much for the great feedback as always. :)

Hey thank you so much for the feedback, helps a lot for future projects. Glad that you could enjoy this game as it is.

Whiteout will also be expanded upon in the future. ;)

Hoping to expand this project in the future, thanks for taking a look at it!

Awesome that it worked out in the end. :)

Glad that you enjoyed it!

Hey thanks a lot for that audio feedback, I will take that into account for future projects. 

Thank you for checking it out!

Hey thanks so much for the feedback, I really do appreciate it when people take the time to do that. Helps a lot for future projects and I agree with you 100%. Thank you again for checking it out. 

Glad you did. :)

Thanks for the feedback and it’s great that you enjoyed it. :)

Glad you enjoyed it! 

Thanks for making a video! So glad that you had brought the issue to my attention so fast, thanks again. :)

Awesome, thanks for checking it out!

Hey everyone, glad to see all the videos getting posted below. I am currently on a trip and cannot respond to comments and videos but I will answers ASAP. Thanks for trying out Kenopsia!

Hey I am so very sorry, I was using a second player to test out certain things. Including the Destiny models. Thank you so very much for letting me know about this. Only 12 people downloaded that wrong build so far. I will fix and re upload asap. :)

Once again Saber thank you for your kind words and amazing feedback. I am so sorry you experienced so many bugs during your gameplay but by watching your video I have identified them and now I can fix them, so thank you for that. 

Eventually this game will be connected once a few more pieces of the puzzle are made and older games are updated. ;)

Very glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks for checking it out Bratch. I was not aware of how much you wanted Whiteout to be finished, so I am for sure going to make sure it gets done. :)

Glad you enjoyed it. Loved the commentary and the feedback you gave!

Hey Master, thanks for checking it out. Yes, the game is very much not done and is basically a demo. I loved the feedback about the sprint and lighting and I will for sure make some changes. There are multiple endings and you decided to take the more exciting one so good on you.

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Hey Gphobia, sorry you encountered the game-resetting bug and it cut your experience short. Fixing it soon. Thanks for checking it out anyways.

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Glad you got to check it out, sorry it did not perform very well.

Thanks for checking it out!

Hey man,

Thank you so much for checking out Whiteouts beta. I am so glad you enjoyed it!
The game is short and buggy because it was just a test, to see if people would play a game that is not a horror game. I have been getting a lot of attention on this game and will be continuing it. That means an entire new map and story. I am even hoping to get some voice acting as well.

Also, you are spot on... the two games connect and it will be more obvious when Whiteout fully releases. ;)

Hey there!

Great video, very sorry about the performance issues and I am currently working on optimizing the game.
In your gameplay you seemed to have missed quite a few key elements of story, so maybe in the future when the game is expanded upon you could take a second look

Hey man, your editing style is super cool and it was awesome for you to check out Whiteout, I will continue development and I am sorry about the abrupt ending.

Sorry to hear about your friend.  

Hey Bratch, loved your gameplay and reaction and I am glad you enjoyed it. Currently working on expanding on the idea so stay tuned!

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Hey man, loved the video and the feedback you provided. It seems like people enjoy Whiteout so I will be expanding and continuing the game. Again, thank you. :)

Like I said, rushing through the game is not the best way to go. Thanks for checking it out!

Yeah this might be my bad, but  I am not sure your PC is good enough to run Whiteout. I do not have the best ways to optimize my games as of now, so i'm sorry. 

May I ask what your PC specs are...?

Yeah well, games still in development so thanks for the feedback. :)

Yeah thats the ending for now, it would make more sense if you ever play my other games as they all interconnect. I will be expanding the game in the future so stay tuned. Thanks for playing!

If it gets a little more traction, I will most likely continue on. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for playing!

Thanks for taking a look! You sprinted through it in 5 mins, well done I guess?

I know I responded on YT already but I will also post here. Thanks for playing and letting me see what things to fix. I have added to the list of bugs and will fix asap. :)

Game is released! It is not a horror game, so I am not sure it is your cup of tea, but it would be great if you gave it a try. :)

Bruh the warnings say it will have trouble running on older devices, and it's only 300mb smh.