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I'm glad you liked it!

I originally programmed it to "end" when the YouTube channel ended, but changed my mind.

Yeah, I originally had a time lock on it, but I did update the downloadable version and took the time lock off.

I liked some of the environment art and the models, though I was really confused as to what I was supposed to be doing or where I was supposed to be going until I explored enough to reach the end. The map is huge, but most of it is empty. The movement speed is too fast and the jumping is too high for the zombies to be an actual threat, and I could just casually walk away from them. There was also no feedback when shooting zombies until they suddenly died, so it was hard to tell whether I was hitting them. There also seemed to be a bug with the music and it just kept getting louder and louder until I had to mute the game. The  UI on the left was also too small to see.

I couldn't get this game to work. I used a controller, but all I could do was move. On the keyboard, all I could do was move and jump. I feel like the game would be a lot more accessible if you mapped attacks to the keyboard, as well. There was also no health bar, and no indication of the dragon actually hurting me until I was suddenly dead. Though, I loved the character, dragon, and environment art, as well as the animations.

This game was interesting, and also a little creepy, though I was a little confused as to what I was supposed to do, and it also seemed really difficult. It says to collect firewood, but after I did that, I guess I was supposed to keep collecting it? I ended up dying because there were too few bushes and they barely give you any health back, so most of the game was sprinting around looking for bushes and hoping I find logs along the way.

This game has an interesting concept, though it's pretty difficult. The lack of checkpoints and the instant-lose makes it frustrating, especially because it seems like the level is really long. Loved the Doctor sprite, though.

Interesting and fun game, and seemed really big, though there were a few problems I ran into. The enemy's fire-rate seems way too high, and I was half-dead within the first 10 seconds of the first area. Meanwhile, my attacks did almost nothing in comparison and most of the enemies were bullet-sponges.

There should be a way to get back your previous gun, rather it vanishing upon picking up a new one. There should also be a way to drop the gun you have if you want to. I ended up getting stuck because after I picked up the new one, it stopped working even though there was ammo left, so I couldn't attack anything anymore.

This game has an interesting concept, though I was really confused as to what to do. There wasn't really any indication as to what button I was supposed to press, and it seemed like I just press a random one and hope I get points and not lose any.

I liked the music as well as the different mechanics in this game (freezing and moving enemies), though the balance could use tweaking. With several enemies all with fast attacks, the player's attacks were extremely slow in comparison and hard to aim. It was hard to do anything when I was getting ganged up on by all of the enemies.

I liked this game and needing the cat to kill enemies was a neat mechanic. The cat's AI was pretty good, though sometimes it seemed a bit slow and wouldn't realize that there was an enemy to kill until I lead him closer to it.

It would've been cool if enemies were more varied, as most of them just run at you. I think the magic ones were different, though I only saw them do something once (the first time I saw them) when a skeleton got teleported outside the map. I also ran into a bug where I couldn't replenish hearts and was capped at two for some reason. Overall, nice game. Gameplay was fun, graphics were nice, movement was solid, and mechanics were interesting.

Cute and fun game! Loved the art, all of the characters, and the animations. The chase seems could use more balance since there's no warning to them, and if you mess up it will catch up to you right away. Having another way to go under branches would also be useful, because if you miss it, you can't go back to get a running start. Outside of chase scenes, it seemed weird to have to backtrack just to go under a branch, and some kind of crawl would be nice.

There should also be some sort of level select as you can easily miss a page in any of the levels, and the only way to get them is to restart the entire game. Falling was also difficult, especially in the third level. You couldn't really see where you were falling, so it was mostly a guessing game because of the speed you fall (even with Abi). You can hold the down key, but it's extremely slow and isn't enough, and isn't useful when you're actively falling.

Cute little fun game with good graphics, music, and gameplay. It was pretty fun and had a good balance; wasn't too easy, but also not impossible. Good job!

This game was fun and the graphics were nice, but the balance was off. There are no Dwights at all for a short while, then suddenly it goes from 0 to 20+ within seconds. Also, upgrades cost way too much and do too little.

Neat game with interesting mechanics, though it was a little confusing at first as to what I was supposed to do. It was also confusing as to what counted as a kill; I thought one person was a kill, and it took me a little bit to realize each group counted as a single kill. The donut also seemed a little messed up, and would have a different vertical position depending on where you picked it up. The music also got really messed up when you restarted the game, and would pile up and all play at once.

I liked the atmosphere of this game and the art. I'm a little confused as to why I was collecting teddy bears, but it was cute, especially at the end. The AI seemed to break after they see you, and their line-of-sight seemed to go through walls. The animations were nice, though there was no jumping animation, and the jump itself seemed too low.

This game was fun. I loved the art, especially the characters, and I liked the music. I liked that rather than being turn-based, you could move as fast as you could click on towns. I feel like the character with fire-immunity is a little over-powered, though, since wildfires send everyone else to the beginning and they seem really hard to avoid. It also seemed like combat was broken. It says only those two players are supposed to roll, but everyone did. I could also move during this.

I love the concept, and it seemed really interesting from the instructions at the beginning, but I couldn't get this game to work. When it started, it would move forward without me doing anything, and I couldn't control any part of the game. Then after a few seconds, it would say I lost and restart.

Liked this game and the varying challenges throughout. Also loved the sound effects and thought they were funny. My main problem was the upgrades. The most costly ($20 and $30) seemed pointless. The $20 one was only one-use, but it took 10 games (if you're lucky enough to find 2 fragments in each) just to get that amount, even more for the $30 upgrade. I feel like lowering the cost, or just adding more ways to get money (for example, surviving a plague) would be helpful. The other upgrades seemed to be off-balance, too. Before the upgrades, certain plagues were extremely difficult, sometimes unwinnable if you get unlucky. After the upgrades, I didn't have to really try at all.

I really liked this game. It's a cool concept, the graphics were nice, and the different characters/enemies in it were interesting. The main problem I had was that doors didn't work right a lot of the time. Sometimes I had to sprint into them for several seconds before they finally fly open, and sometimes they just wouldn't open at all unless I tried a few different times. It made the game really frustrating since running from enemies was impossible with broken doors, and I couldn't check rooms because I couldn't open doors just a little bit.

Really liked this game! It was really different, fun, and balanced. The different characters that you need to record coming and going, as well as the ones you can't record, and being able to bump into people added different challenges and kept it interesting.

Loved this game, the graphics, the music, and the fast-paced movement. Being able to move continuously was nice, though being able to do that while also attacking seemed a little overpowered. It also seemed a bit on the easy side, and all levels were easy to beat. Being able to unlock and play as different dragons was nice, though unlocking food seemed pointless since you couldn't really do anything with it outside of the levels. The variation in the levels (colors, bosses, etc) were nice, too, and kept the game interesting. The text on the win screen was hard to read (bright green text on a light blue background), and the "food/dragon unlocked" text would still show up if you replayed a level.

Fun FPS game with nice graphics. I did run into a few problems, though. If the game is played in windowed, the mouse can go out of the game. The shooting was also a little weird, and it was hard to tell whether or not I was hitting anything because there was no feedback of the enemies getting hit. It also seemed like enemies were shooting me through some of the walls. Figuring out where to go was sometimes confusing, though it was usually obvious.

This game could really use a tutorial. I had no idea what I was doing, and the cooking guide didn't really tell me what was what, and what I should put where. I liked the graphics, and the addition of the stereo for music was nice.

Nice trivia game, though the timer was a little short. By the time I finished reading the question, I only had a few seconds to guess the answer and didn't really have time to read them all.

Really liked this game; the music, graphics, narration, and atmosphere. I also liked how it was in the form of a slideshow. The choices seemed a little confusing, however, and it didn't seem like there was any indication of what option you were supposed to choose.

This was a cute little game, especially the animals, their dances, and the sounds they made. I liked the concept of cute animals dancing to exorcise(?) the elephant in the background. One problem I ran into was that if two actions were right after one another, the second one wouldn't work even if I pressed the key at the right time.

Loved this game! It was really fun and fast-paced. The movement speed, fast jumps, and fast attacks kept the game fast. Graphics and animations were really good, too. The balance seemed a little off and was really easy when it only took one hit to kill things. Saving people seemed tedious since it took long to run back and forth taking them to the exit, especially in the larger maps. I also ran into lag issues when a gun was fired (either by player or enemy) and when killing an enemy. Regardless, good fun game!

Loved this game and found it pretty scary. Between the sound, graphics, and low light, the atmosphere was great. I liked the way you have the player look at the phone so it isn't in the way when you don't need it, and can easily be accessed without breaking immersion. One thing I found strange was holding right click to interact. I feel like simply clicking could've been better, especially when it wasn't always clear what I could and couldn't interact with (mostly in the beginning). The end was great, though the screen affects (assuming they were intentional) kind of broke my immersion. I'm also not sure if the "eFb" showing up at the bottom of the screen was on purpose, either, but again, broke immersion.

Nice little game, though humanly impossible at times. One thing confused me, though, and it was the green lights going down even if I was staying in the green.

Fun game! Liked the graphics, sound effects, and music. Getting multiple right in a row (especially quickly) was satisfying thanks to the animation and sound effects. A score at the end would be nice. A few things didn't count when they should have, but only sometimes. It's also hard to tell if something doesn't count or not, since there's no feedback when you get something wrong.

I wasn't able to play past the intro dialogue as it ended up not responding each time I tried, though I do have a few comments on what I did see of the game; both mostly small things. To start with, dialogue shouldn't auto-advance. You should almost always let the player advance it by hitting a key unless you have a good reason for auto-advance. Trying to get it to work was frustrating because I had to sit through the intro with no way to skip through the dialogue each time.

I also looked at the controls in the options, and the default controls seemed ridiculous. A lot of different keys as well as the mouse. If you have things such as "interact" and "pick up" and "read" they can all probably fall under the same action. If you're involving the mouse and there's movement, you need to keep in mind that one hand is going to be entirely on WASD plus a few keys nearby (shift, control, space, Q, E, F, and R). I could remap the controls, but it didn't fix the problem of having several actions that seemed like they could all fall under the same button/key. I didn't play the game, though, so I have no idea if all of those actions were actually used in the game. Looked and sounded interesting, so I'm disappointed I didn't get to play it.

Liked the graphics, and liked the feel of movement and attacking. However, dodging seemed to be pointless because they could still hit you. I also feel like they shouldn't be able to attack when they get attacked. It turned it into a game of getting just close enough to hit them, hitting them, running away, repeat. Checkpoints were helpful, though.

Was this mentioned somewhere in the game? Or was it just a debug thing left in? It seems like more of a debug thing, which doesn't solve the actual problem.

Fun and fast-paced. I liked fighting the boss, and that you added in the things you had to shoot to get rid of its shield to keep attacking it. It kept it interesting. The enemies could get stuck on those things, though, which I feel could be used as an exploit. I also feel like the ability to spam shoot made it pretty easy.

This game was fun! Thought it was funny when the game told me the goal was to just break everything; definitely wasn't expecting that. Even funnier when I realized I could break things like cushions.

Fun little game with a good balance. Liked all the art on the walls in the background, and liked the character casually sitting in the background. Made it feel like the scene in the show.

I like how you added in the sound effects to make it really feel like Batman. Fighting and moving seemed kind of clunky and felt slow, but nice game.

Liked this game. I think I won, I got to the "exit", but I'm not entirely sure. Being more maze-like and dropping the mini-map would give it more exploration. The way you did the floor and wall textures really added to it to make it feel a bit more like the episode.