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This is my first time ever participating in this jam, I'm so excited, I would like to give it a shot! Currently I'm going through my final exams so I might be a little slow with drawing so please keep that in mind

You can watch some of my art here:

You can find me on Discord: KoKo#3520

yes!! You can give me your discord and we can talk about it!

Hi! I'm really excited to work in another jam again!

I have an idea about what type of game I want to do because I have some characters, and the setting, I was thinking a visual novel about two office workers . Kiki, the protagonist and her coworker Gloria. 

Kiki is like a nerd honestly, her special interest are videogames, her room has so many anime merch in there too. While Gloria is just that stereotypical guy you always see but as a woman, black suit, tired face, she probably posts memes on facebook.

Here you can see some of my drawings!

Please hug him, he hasn't had a hug since he was a kid.