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Promising, look forward to seeing more...if there will be more?

Hey thanks a ton for keeping us in the loop! It's actually really rare i check on discord so I at least appreciate the updates!!

Honestly don't really remember much at this point. I know my hero picked up a potion, other than that nothing really stands out.

Awesome idea! Not sure if it's a bug or not hero just will not die, one heart and no number of monsters, spikes, or holes will kill this guy! Keep it up though!

Real potential here! Sadly I can't bring myself to keep playing. I've been playing around with it a bit but one big thing is keeping me from continuing, the AI. It really seems like the slimes and heroes are just wandering aimlessly and things only happen when they randomly bump into each other. Having them actively hunt each other or even the heroes trying to make it to the chests without running into slimes while the slimes hunt the heroes would be awesome. I'll be following, hope you keep working on it, it really has some potential to be a really amusing game!

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Not sure if I've mentioned that I love your character models, if not I should have! Overall I still like the idea, and look forward to what you have in store for us! Things that jump out at me though, 

Speed, I like the idea of walking and holding shift to actually escape the creatures, though the takeoff could use just a slight bump, at first i wasn't sure I was even moving. Not a big bump mind you! The low acceleration and top speed without sprinting really adds to the ambiance. 

Stamina/Health bars, could stand out a bit more, took me a while to notice what they did. Also I personally think the stamina bar is either too large or refills too quickly, once i got the grips of things it was rather easy to keep my distance (unless you're aiming for a really fast paced shooter in the long term)

Main Menu, Is REALLY dark and messing with the character creator was rather difficult (Looking at screen shot this may be on my end...shall be looking into it)

Controls, I'm sure they will be getting tweaked but I wouldn't feel right giving you feedback without this. Switching weapons was rough, would love to see a 1,2,3 kind of thing. Love the slide, not sure what it actually is for but I had a blast just spamming Q while I ran. The main menu is, to put it nicely, hard to navigate and it took me a second to come to grips with it, same with the in game menus. I'm torn as to whether i would want to see the menus pause, while i like the idea, i also like the sense of urgency that comes over me while i'm looking at stuff, keeps me on my toes.

I know this is SUPER long, but, you're doing GREAT so far! Keep it up!

I dig it! The mini-games can get a little grindy currently but I like the balloon and typing games enough that I REALLY don't mind playing them constantly. Going to be keeping an eye on this!

Looks awesome! It really has been a little while since I've found a game that I was genuinely excited for and this one certainly has my interest!

New update new comment! Have to say i'm starting to dig it! The block seems a little odd, though, i may just be terrible at it. Overall a great update and I'm excited to see more!

Really digging this! Seems like all of my comments have already been addressed too! Going to be keeping an eye on this one!

Really enjoyed this! Had a few issues getting all the content though i imagine that was just me either being too impatient or messing up one of the previous scenes. But I will definitely be keeping an eye on this!!

Managed to get into one game! It was fun, though i'm not sure what i did exactly. Either way I could have a blast with this if there were more people on when I was, i'll have to stop in again later.

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Just took it for a quick test run! Right away I have to hand it to you for progress! Can't say anything for the audio as I currently have to play muted. I'm not sure if there was only the one gun in 1.4 but i noticed a second this time around! The horde mode looks like it's coming together and at first I thought the blur would get to me but it ended up really adding to the overall aesthetic! Didn't have a WHOLE lot of time in it (as i'm writing this 10 minutes after it went live) but to me it seems like the weapons fire dead center of the reticle, this may or may not be the case, but if it is I would love to see a little spread (not sure how tough that would be). Overall a great update that I'm sure I'll be playing more of as soon as I have the opportunity! 

So the basic question you're posing is, "Is the combat fun?" And i can see it becoming more fun with further development. In the current state, not really. Though that is really a lack of visual stimulation i think. The concept is SOLID though, I have seen it done in a few little flash games and I really think you're on the right track to improving it. Would love to see some kind of special attacks beyond just the standard, however, beyond that i think it will really just be how you handle the visuals! Overall great job! Keep up the good work!

Based on the limited info here about this i was skeptical about downloading it. Though overall it's not a bad start. For those interested as of 1.4 you can currently run around the (huge) map, scroll wheel will draw your weapon, typical mouse controls for firing, there is no damage to the player as far as i can tell, though you can kill the enemies. That's about it, there is a T for a dance which is a little on the goofy side, but overall i think it's a great beginning, i'll be keeping an eye on this!

Glad i could help!

Promising! Love the art! A few critiques, some of the dialog is odd, though it is still understandable. The jump is a tad bit too fast, running seems just a bit too slow for the animation, though that could just be me. I think a separate idle animation for when the PC is talking to themselves would really help to let you know when you can and can't move, i found myself just standing there a few times waiting for text that never came. All in all though great job! Keep it up!

If i'm reading into it right it's a nod towards Tentacle Locker, another Hotpink game. 

Easy to see why this made it to the top of the popular list! Really hoping you add to it in the future, one really small thing that got me was condoms occasionally ending up out of reach. ("On top" of lockers for instance). Also really liked the little Easter Egg in the final level! Keep it up!

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Haven't played in AGES, but i loved what i saw before, so glad you finally brought it to itch, now i won't forget about you again!

EDIT: Played for a bit, and i'm having a really strange stutter, not sure if it's a common thing or no. Though just in case:

-Happens regardless of quality settings

-Every 1.5-2 seconds, occasionally up to 3 or 4

-Where I am doesn't seem to affect it

-Not noticing an actual drop in frames, from what i can tell, it just stops and if i'm moving my mouse(at all) it YEETS my camera around

Really like it! I'm really excited to see where this goes! One quick question, do the tapes actually do anything or are they just to be sold? 

Not sure why but I keep getting a network error when I try to download, doubt it's on the dev's end but curious if anyone else is having this issue. I'll try again periodically, seems like an interesting play.

Interesting so far. Not sure if you are able to escape the tunnel yet, pretty sure i cleared it but i may have missed something. I do have some criticism. I'm not really sure what the ENTIRE story is, mainly because i found the beginning info dump just not really all that entertaining. There are some grammar errors in it, but overall not horrible. Outside of that i think slowing down your first combat when you are learning how to fight would be helpful, just so you really have a chance to figure it out, though, i managed to pick it up pretty quickly so maybe not.

Overall awesome start! Keep it up, i'll be sure to check in on it regularly that's for sure.