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Kage Souls

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yO I realllllllllly like this game now :3 I am looking forward to the full game >:3

(I really wanna drag Lioji in to the plot more and get a route or a ending where the mc has no love interest and just solves it with her friends and bunny-cat) I need more cat faces.

(I wrote some words backwards)

The first ending I was surprised to see the CG, I mean we were a oggod ! But then my head started thinking. Tundere dude was saved by.. us, the Dork was kinda treating us as a namuh, and the greeny was the only one what I thought who treated us like a oggod. But do people really do blush when seeing a oggod? Also can someone explain how the tittle relates to the plot twist?

Nice game! I don't really know what to put her so uhhhhh..ummmm YEAH! NIcE gAmE !!!!

Cool! Landon Parents would be joyed too I guess :3 Tyler will forever be my Bae <3

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Does anyone need a walkthough because I need one for real life and every game XD Seriously is there a walkthough for this game?

(there are less choices in the dudes route yet I can't get the good ending T_T ) 

No problem! I am excited for the full release <3 

OMG I freaking love this game!! HOLY WACKY MOLEY KJHDKA I loved It! All tho I kinda wanted to see more lovey-dovey stuff XD And I'm kinda wondering if Noelle and Askash gets together?  Anyways LOVE IT!!! XD I ship Min and Diya TO MUCH!

I like the game. I evened played the demo but the differences between the sprites and the background is a bit distracting.  Also the demo and the "full game" are a tad to different, the demo was a pixel RPG while the  full game is a visual novel. Overall I like the plot! You have something going just try not to sprinkle clish in the Full FULL game <3   

SOOOOOO Spoilers!

I took back my words and I played and got all the endings and the extra. I'm crying. I CALLED IT! I'm also a bit peeved that I didn't see Erik's reaction to Emma's positive on the test.  How would the other boys react to? Anyways I LOVE THE GAME!!! The art for breaking Emma's promise made me cry also, is flame head gonna be the villain in the next game?


I kinda wish there was a walkthough for life XD

Gha No Walkthough? I'm gonna fail XD 

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:3 When I got the CG of the AFTER math of Mira finding Zane's 2D Otome world, my mother said she will take the internet out and quote on quote " Don't play those type of games".  (Even tho IT DIDN'T SHOW ANY NUDE-) When I tried to explain, she responded with "Stop talking back" Ahhhh I love it when outsiders don't understand. :)  She says that I should stop playing "these" type of games even though I read Yaoi and lord knows what is in that :3 (Sorry but I am just gonna try to get the good ending because I really don't want to cry *Again*)


A fan that is unable to play one route without being judged <3

Fun fact: With out a walkthrough I always get a bad endings  XD Just like in real life.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FULL GAME AHHa Also after this game is done what are you going to do next?

no problem I can't wait for the full game, good luck! :3

Hiya I just played your game and I love it but I don't really get the main plot like :

is this a story about a girl with a disable/Pdsd/anxiety with love at the side?

About a girl who has a disable and is trying to over come it with the power of LOVE? (and shiz like that)

I don't really get it XD but I love it, I can't wait for the full game if there gonna be one.

I have played this a while ago and I still love it :3 also to help player is there gonna be a walk-though or nah. Also is it still gonna be free to play?  or do we have  to buy?

I see thank you very much :)

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I did, you go to settings a press save (its with the gallery). Settings is besides the tailor exp and your money

Ummm does the demo stops when the guy trys to get them? personally I think its a weird place to stop. Anyways I look forwards to the full game Galaxias. (I wanna get back a banana monkey dude...i want the melon...AND PORK BUNNNN!!)

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I was on thee 12 chapter and the next day when I opened the game it didn't have my save file and the pattern didn't show on the neckline it only showed on the collar. I  will go back to the 12 chapter and try again to see if it was a one time thing ( didn't save....)

Ummm :) I cant put the pattern on the top part it only shows when i put a collar but i well try again.

Also I lost my save file  T_T but anyways thank you for replying 

When I am fulfilling the requests  some time it says it wrong and sometimes it doesn't even let me put patterns soooo i cant passs chapter 12 T_T WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY  

ahaha funny I might check it out but you really ship them aye? 

 Usually  I would prefer romance but this seems interesting 

I'ma check it ~💖