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The illustrations are great though the gameplay is somewhat confusing? Not sure how I'm supposed to click the circles. Still, very cool aesthetic!

Truly the harlemest shake of all the harlem shakes

Love the aesthetic of this one. All those photos of people staring down massive tunnel systems.

Creepy little game, I like it.

Good game, the fights are decently balanced and the final boss is great. Nice ending too.

Short but sweet, pretty fun! Although the 1-block gaps are really annoying because of how fast you move. Gameplay footage

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What are you supposed to do after you meet the blond person? I walked around for a bit but couldn't find anything. Nice art and music though

This game is super fun! Love the aesthetic, hearkens back to the good old pixel pokemon days. I look forward to seeing what else you add.


The hardest typing game I've ever played, but also the most fun! Great design—it really makes you feel like your deaths are your fault.

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I love Celeste Classic (despite not being very good at it), so seeing this made my day!

1:41:24, 4 berries, 734 deaths. Really fun game