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I ended up not being able to generate a random issue.

Mouse cursor moveing is so nice.

The expression inside the body is very detailed.

And this thema is so innovative.

It's so high level game.

Various productions are elaborate.

I can't see the needles.

And I can't read the abacus(Japanese sorobann).

Making a shooting game is amazing.

It's high level technic.

I cleared and saw "you were able to get home safely"

This game is so hard.

It's amazing to use mouse cursor to play.

I have no idea how it was made.

It's amazing to able to choose the problem for each district.

And title screen is so great.

That's so nice thema.

And I'm admire for its expression way.

I'm so surprised that this game is side view.

That is so technical.

I'm admire to your thema.

And I was surprised to shake the screen.

You have amazing technical skills.

Its quality is so good.

this game's graphics are very correct.

It's so nice game.

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jyarijyarimine is KAKERU M.

I join faculty of science and engineering.

Nowadays, I enjoy to go to various ramen shops.

I play  arithmetic game when I was elementary school student.

So I will make arithmetic game.

It was a game that made me wonder if friendship can only be established between the same races.

The operability was a little bad, but I think it's a very good theme.

And, it is original to display the date and make the time series easy to understand.

I was surprised at the ending because I first took all the items in the house.

It's amazing that the ending changes depending on how you pick up the item.

The problem was that it was a little difficult to walk in the forest.

This game is so great!

I'm jyarijyarimine. Please call me Matsuda.

Systems and design is my major.

These days my hobby is cooking.

Mario&Luigi RPG is my best game.