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I liked the concept a good amount, but I feel the effect on rolls killed it for me. Really hurt my ears lol.

Visually, it was very well put together, and the music and sound effects were pretty good. The gameplay, however, wasn't really there, as the player had no decisions to make while playing it.

I really loved your graphics, and the music was super cute! However, it was a little hard to determine how I should be playing, as I didn't have a clear goal in mind. Maybe having customers that I sell to would make it feel a little more real. Maybe they could have reactions as well to the fruit being good or bad.

I really liked the concept and calling Bob's hat stupid felt oddly satisfying. To fix your UI problem, you would need to set the Canvas to scale with screen size.

At least I think that's your problem but if not then idk what to tell you lmao. Great job though!!!

Thank you so much!!! I'll have to tell our sound designer that you liked the music. Thanks for the suggestion, we'll for sure think about refining the controls and/or adding alternative control options if we continue developing this in the future :)

So are you talking about the hand spike puzzle or the first one? The first one you were just supposed to walk past as the zombie.

How are you stuck? Like it is too hard or is it a bug?

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out. I wanted to know how you got the visual effect for your game. It's very slight but something about it feels great. Is it a post processing effect? From what I'm seeing it looks like a vignette and chromatic aberration but I could be wrong.

I really liked the aesthetic of your game but there were some issues with the combat. I often tried to drag healing card onto allies instead of the enemy. Also, I couldn't see their actual hp until they took enough damage. Other than that though, the game was an enjoyable experience.

I really like the art style and the idea of having to pick up and drop the item to see. I found a game breaking bug though that I could exploit. Some times if you hold space when picking it up you can pick up the item and continue to see the environment. Other than that the game was really solid though :)

Thank you so much for playing my game :)

Thank you so much, I'm working on ways to improve that so hopefully in future iterations it won't be so bad. I didn't make time to play test during the jam so that's my big take away from this entire experience lol.

Thank you so much, I wish I was a talented artist but alas I am not lol. Also, as a solo designer I doubt I would've had time to put art and game design together, anyway. 

I thought it was an interesting concept. I wish enemies would've come to me so I didn't have to search for them but other than that it seemed like a fun game :)

I thought it was an interesting concept. I think you could add more mechanics, such as a way for the sumo to be forced into dropping his weights. Fun game though!!!

I think it's a very interesting concept. I think it's hard to juggle multiple planets though and that they sometimes get killed on spawn before you can do anything. Other than that I enjoyed playing your game :)

I enjoyed flinging the mace at the enemies; it was really fun. However, hitboxes didn't seem to line up when enemies got hit. Also, I think you should add more types of enemies to keep the game fresh! Overall, I enjoyed playing your game though, so great work!!!

I love your art style!!! It's very cute. I was confused about what I should do in the game, though. Was there some sort of strategy, or was I just picking random times and hoping the spider didn't kill my men? I think it would be cool if there was some way to maneuver ants around the spider. Great work overall!!!

Thank you for playing my game!!!

You're right, on level 3 one of greens keys is wrong. Sorry about that lol, thanks for playing my game though!

Thanks so much for playing my game and for the feedback :)

For sure and if you need any help figuring it out feel free to message me :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to play my game! I'll look into enhancing the game visually with different effects and lighting. If you're curious, I used 2d lighting from the universal render pipeline in Unity for the torches and other lighting effects. Really simple to do and all you need is to randomize some values in a coroutine to create a nice flicker effect.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the momentum, are you referencing to dashing in mid air?

Really interesting level design, it made me really have to think since the one character couldn't jump. I think something that would've helped though would've been to make the characters bigger. Seeing how characters are so far apart it can become difficult to watch both of them. You could also add some sort of eye-catching animation for peripheral vision if you want to keep them the same size. Overall was fun to play though :)

Thanks so much, it means a lot!!! I had a lot of fun in it and will definitely try to join more :)

Yea, I thought it was a little text heavy too. I'll look into finding icons to represent things. Probably some better colors too. The second two levels were definitely worse and multiple people have commented on that acid pool on so I'll definitely change it lol. Thanks for the feedback though, it's really helpful and insightful. I always like hearing other people's perspectives :)

I was confused on what I was doing lol. I liked the music though

Very unique concept. I really liked the idea. The walking sound was a little distracting though and I wish there were more obstacles in the environment, but overall I had fun playing it.

I don't know where I was going but I will say it was really cute and a chill experience. Press space is kind of a jump scare though.

Really great concept and artwork! I wish I didn't get stuck on the options and credits menus though lol. Had fun though.

I liked your game aesthetic and the idea of having to search for the orbs. I would say that it wasn't clear I needed to do that at first, though. Don't know if you want it to be clear but something to consider telling the player. The only thing I didn't like was the randomized blocks with holes. They were more frustrating than fun. Good work on everything else though!

I'm terrible at your game lol but I loved it. The art work is probably the best I've seen so far.

Wow, you guys did a superb job here. I wasn't aware I was changing places on the first level. Maybe make the level less symmetrical because I was so confused lol. But the art and levels designs are incredible, so outstanding work!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm new to UI and level design so I'm curious if you had any suggestion on what I could do to improve? Were there any specific things you didn't like in the levels or UI?

Thank you so much for that! I didn't know he had no air control. Maybe put text on the level to tell the player that :)

I noticed the red, frowny face after a couple of enemies so it did its job but at first I was caught me off guard when my men kept dying lol.

Really fun game!!! I'd say it's one of the most polished I've seen so far. I liked the incentive to go get other objects because it caused me to fail at pinging the pong.

Thank you so much!