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scratch is pretty bad but too im too dumb but i understand that little bit over 80% scratch game a low effort and overrated

the game engine is scratch

i found you scratch account


i didnt even say your game was bad so you are the bully here

i said to credit

do you know you have broken itch io TERM OF SERVICE so you have broken the rules thats why i said to credit but you just bully me 

and originally it would have been good for you cuz you could get banned i tried to help with an aggressive way because im little bit angry but still trying to help and you didnt even read the rules for my game

i dont even understand why you do not just read the rules

tip space to shoot the enemies

PVZ vibes

hi im creator of switched i saw the live stream and nice game



nice art

it lagged and the game was not that fun but the cats are very cute

very good

fun fact musical chairs was my origin inspiration it would originally been like it but i made it switch directions

i like it

i didnt really like it but the art is very good

this is noice

sanokku on entityjä + mä oon tekemässä myös backrooms 3d peliä scratchissä jossa on entityjä on valmis mutta tarvii enemmän kenttii

epic it has been long since i checked

nice epä scratch peli aion oppia kyllä eri koodi kieliä

i found the same game i played

epic i tried it pressing up sim

can i make the screen smaler

i play on a toaster and my graphic card os too bad (') (')


please in the full game add a setting that has the old sprites they are so epic

hello do you remember your plants vs zombies  remake can you continue it

and make it easier

kinda nice

very creative limitation

(1 edit)

it moves player to start cuz its then easy to cheese the levels

and in the full version i will make better music and volume settings

i dont like advertising in posts

the way like posts  a thing thats like mY gaME IS thE bEsT THinG evEr

if its allowed ok but its making other projects go less popular


everyone shut up of the hate comments

this is a chat room if its boring learn that its normal to use friggin chatrooms


i dont remember im really bad at the game

very good but i found a way to fly with clicking

(1 edit)

nice but i suck at it

im gonna play your game now thanks