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I know this was 10 days ago, but when it says "1 banana" on the thing you gotta put "1" for the answer. I was confused at first but I got it right after that. Yes saying that there is 15 in total is correct but you have to put one when it asks what one banana is.

this is a normal amount of waffles

I really enjoyed this, I loved the abstract look. (kinda like how gender is lol) I was glad to be educated on topics I didn't fully know or understand. It was really nice to have the narrator talking, and when you went through the pronoun doors they pronounced all of them. It was a surprise because I didn't know some of those pronouns existed. The one thing I didn't like was that void didn't have a definition. I don't identify with void gender, but I do identify with the term agender. And I felt that if you had a definition you could've included two other terms to help people with gender. (agender and neutrois.) But besides that it was a very enjoyable game and I think the people that worked on this did an amazing job! (─‿─)