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you might missed on the speed x2 button

this game is the wife, i never had

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The gameplay was quite simple, yet predicting what the ai is going to choose in rock paper scissor wasnt to hard (if it is completely random, i just was very lucky). the ai didnt make a move the whole playthrough...

i dont see the collaborate with ai part tho

BUT, nice graphics and mood, they were very on point

i just love to see the details and the amount of work, that went into the quality of life things here, feels very polished, very thought through and the visuals are on point.

well done !

what  an idea to make a farming game to this theme!
and its working great, had a lot of fun and i think it turned out to be a real banger :3

when you turn on the programmer mode, replay the first 2 tutorials!
they explain everything

also big thank you for the kind words, will check out your game too!

i mean, six people worked on this, so the quality is self-explaining yet amazing

funny small game with a simple yet great working concept!

also the robot looks very very cute, i like!

The game has amazing visuals and a nice concept!

Would love to see a full version with stuff like upgrading and idk

Funny game, nice concept and nice graphics!

Kinda needs a tutorial with an explanation for all the mechanics tho

(but like with the limited time of a game jam, its understandable why there is none)

the game was really fun! i can recommend playing it, even though it kinda lacks some gameplay variation.

Still 4/5 stars from me!

this game is awesome and i had a blast playing it!

pls make a polished version of this!

(i mean like with intuitive ui and stuff)

once i understood the game, it was fun! nice visuals btw

really nice game, nice concept and i love the voice controls!

you should expand on that concept and update it!

Ayo its simple but not too simple, had a blast playing it! well done

such a funny game with good voice lines and a nice concept!

i really look forward to updates and stuff :3

I love it, great visuals, funny concept and nice music! Also the damaging sound ay.

Really would love to see this with like more actions or idk, if there is a way to expand on the game idea

get me back to the days, when 1.7.10 was THE mod version :3

also thank you for the kind words!

sadge but thank you!
i guess i got to stay with the webbuild only for now...

also big thank you for hosting this jam, this literally changed my whole perception of programming (in a positive fun way)

funny game, with a nice concept and hilarious soundeffects!

like i was an celeb or smth lel :3

does it work if you think of the left and right of the robot? because thats wanted.

if its still wrong then, its a bug ouff

also thank you for your friendly words, means a lot from the dude that turned chess into an awesome tower defense game

i give it quack out of quack points (all of them)

cute game, nice concept and QUACK!

what a game!

nice and fun, great concept, just the sounds were bit annoying over time

with a bit polish in sounds, controls and ui, this will make a banger game

but its already quite addictive

i can assure you, my brain was hurting so badly while i was programming this game

your comment is much much appreciated :3

a lot of people already told me, that its kinda hard to always think of the perspective of the robot, but you actually made me think of an idea to fix it for the full release, thank you very very much

nicely made game, had a good time playing it and the visuals are amazing

Nice game, had a lot of fun!

Nice game, the visuals were amazing. The controls could be bit more polished

what the hell

great game, my highscore was 54 (i think, clicked to fast)

nice visuals, nice story, great concept, bit disturbing to the end

funny game, nice concept, maybe needs some work on the visuals

Please make this a full release! The atmosphere is so so so nice and the art style, oh boy, how simple yet cute. (but also make the intro sequence bit shorter, it took forever for the robot to walk through the level)

bit more polish and this game would be a real banger,

still really good already

great visuals, but it really needs more gameplay

not much to do, but nice idea

cute game, nice concept, maybe needs more depth in gameplay :c

funny simple game with nice visuals, i just miss the ai part, but maybe i am stupid

no simplicity but a banger

i had so much fun playing it, even tho it took a moment to really understand the game

this game is awesome and could be just like this on the trending page of steam ay!

had a lot of fun