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Justin Searcy

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Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the super kind comments, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Just holding down the button probably would be a lot easier so you don't have to spam too much, and a no moving challenge mode would be a really cool idea. Thanks for taking the time to play and comment!


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing! Yeah it definitely is easier to stay alive with only 1 pillar, but you lose the score multiplier for having multiple active

Very cool game, I really liked the simplistic style you achieved, nice job!

Very cool game idea, I really enjoy the vibe of it all, nice job!

Very cool game, I liked the style of it. I think the character movement was a bit slippery and hard to control at times but I had a lot of fun, nice job!

Very simple but effective game, it was a lot of fun!

Very cool game, I really liked the style. It reminded me a lot of geometry wars. The background was my favorite part. The teleporting definitely took a minute for me to get my head around but I had a lot of fun!

Very cool mechanic, one of the most unique ones of the jam for sure. It was a lot of fun, nice job!

Very cool concept and use of the theme. The rockets are a bit overpowered, but overall was a lot of fun!

This was a super cool idea. Definitely a tough game, but a good one

This was an awesome game, I really enjoyed the art and design. The controls definitely took a bit to get used to but I had a blast

The art in this game was really great. The only thing is that I never was incentivised to move from the backs of the lane. I could just sit there to give myself the most reaction time possible. Overall I really enjoyed the game though, nice job!

Very cool game, I thought the art was awesome

Very cool game, I really enjoyed it. The only thing is I really wish I could jump with spacebar. Other than that it was great though, nice job

I thought the movement system was great. Overall I really enjoyed this game

Very cool idea, definitely was a tough challenge for me

The aesthetic was really cool, probably my favorite of the jam, nice job!

Very cool idea,  I really liked the art

Thanks for the nice comment, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks I had a lot of fun making the ghosts, I'm happy you liked them

Yeah I think the enemies should ramp up a bit more towards the end, thanks for playing though

Thanks for the nice comment and taking the time to play!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing. Yeah I couldn't figure out a good way to incentivize having them more spread out

Very nice idea and execution. I think it was a very simple design that was done well, nice job! my best time was 96 seconds

Nice game, the art and design was simple yet effective. Some sound effects would really make this feels complete. Overall nice job!

Fun game, very cool idea. I think the main thing I would say is to center the character more. Other than that great game though!

Thanks for taking the time to play, glad you had fun!

Nice idea and game. You can just spam and spin around an basically can't lose though. I think adding in a fire rate limit could make the game more interesting. Overall nice job!

Very cool and addicting game, nice job!

Very cool idea, I think the art is fantastic.

Cool game, I think the hand drawn style was really nice but sometimes it was a little hard to see what was going on. Overall great job though

Very cool game, definitely has a lot of challenge to it.  I really liked the art style you made for it

Yeah I originally wanted to do a wave system but with a time crunch at the end I jus made it ramp up over time. Thanks for playing though!

Yeah there have been a good amount of people commenting that. When I tested spacebar was the most comfortable to me but I'll definitely add in the option to change the fire method

Yup I agree, more upgrades or even a new spell would be good

Thank for the nice comment, I really enjoyed your game as well