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I made a video. 

I pretty much gave up reading the replies to this post because everyone disagreed 😝 glad someone else sees sense!

Please make it so the flashlight lasts longer than 10 seconds at a time. Please. I'm begging you.

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Pretty good game! I really liked the focus on atmosphere and subtlety that most indie horror games these days completely ignore. I'll post my video on the game once it's done!

Did a playthrough. It's pretty interesting as it is, but needs a little more... spookiness.

"Dark doesn't equal scary"

Of course not, everyone knows that red equals scary ;)

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The Cat Lady has been on other platforms for a few years but has now made it to Itch. 

The Cat Lady is an old-school adventure game with a healthy dose of psychological horror thrown in. With themes of depression, suicide, abuse and sexual assault, it’s not a game that everyone will feel comfortable with. But for those who can handle the heavy subject matter (and some grim visuals), you’ll find a game with a lot of heart and a genuine love for it’s characters and world.

With a strong script, great plot and eerie soundtrack, The Cat Lady is a worthy alternative if you’re looking for something different to a jumpscare-fest in your horror game.

I'm getting a 400 error from Dropbox when I try and download the game. Might need to look at it?

As the below poster said, Granny's kill animation broke in the elevator and I managed to finish the game with absolutely no tension or threat. Even without that game-breaking bug it's not a very good game in the slightest.

 Default map pack (seriously, I've seen the same map in Lazaretto, The One We Found and several other games), simplistic puzzles. This really needs improvement if it even hopes to be anywhere the quality of the game it's ripping off. 

This was great. Fantastic atmosphere that really kept me on edge throughout. The part with the photo's eyes moving was super-subtle and really freaked me out. 

Who did the narration? I'm curious.

With this and OK/NORMAL, 98DEMAKE has a knack for putting together a deeply unsettling atmosphere. Highly recommended.

With this and September 1999, 98DEMAKE has a knack for putting together a deeply unsettling atmosphere. Highly recommended.