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Just Gameplay

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Have some gameplay!

I did find the APK but it appears to be the exact same game just with video ads (will upload a video of the apk version later)

Finally some HD gameplay

played it, couldn't find nsfw apk though
Created a new topic Gameplay Video

Great voice acting right at the start!

Quite hard
Created a new topic Gameplay Video

Nice graphics

IV's gameplay. Impressive albeit high system requirements
Created a new topic Gameplay Video

Very subtle

Niice end point of the demo!

Here's some gameplay of ... the prequel I suppose? I'm confused

Here's some gameplay

Just the good ending this time!

Gameplay video is up!
Created a new topic Gameplay Video

Gameplay video up!

That transparency... enjoy the gameplay video!
Created a new topic Town of Passion gameplay video
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Start of a full playthrough

actually kinda sfw

Some gameplay
Posted in Hunter comments

Some gameplay

First playtest

First playtest

New video with all the endings
Created a new topic Making Movies Gameplay Video

Here's a first try. Good writing and art for sure.

I had a bug where it was impossible to scroll down in the emails

The deaths can be special.

impressive voice/music/art/writing work

impressive voice acting

looking good, here's the first demo's gameplay

Sandbox is promising but I can hardly see what she smashes

This seems like the most unexpected game mode to me

I checked out the new gauntlet mode. much more friendly (no more getting stuck on cars :D)

tested the new desert level. works fine on low settings but AI seems confused and the red light effect is strange too

Also now there's a male giant

impressive amount of new content!

Shark Bae Time!

Old demo still good though: 



tested it

tested the demo