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I see.

Thanks for the response.

Allow developers to reorganize their games displayed on their profile page in a preferred order (because right now the newest games get displayed at the top).


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Half the screen is cut off (You should set the display to 640x640).

Shoot a bunch of bad guys in this 8-bit shooting game!

Was stuck on this too. This is pretty helpful.

How do I get out of Snowver?

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This is pretty late, but the pattern is N W E S E S W.
(Did it via guessing. Reloaded my save everytime I got it wrong).

Shooting isn't even required in this game: Just chuck your gun at an enemy to insta-kill them, pick up their weapon, and repeat.

The last puzzle took me a while to figure out. Great game idea!

EarthBound reference?

Never mind, the comment below said Sept. 14.

Only 20 minutes in and I'm already hooked. Is there an ETA for the full version?

You should create a video, or at least add some screenshots so people know what they're buying a bit better.

You should probably add some screenshots of the game.

A new game I created for GMTK 2018. You must defeat an army of enemy ships without shooting.

Only contains one level so far. If you want me to continue, leave a comment.

Download the game here:

What is your favourite game genre?

You can list more than one.


Nice! I might get it.

Pretty fun. Could go a bit faster though.

Game crashes when the mouse goes out of bounds.

Also, if I throw Animal Feed and pick it back up, and there is a chicken between me and the item, then the chicken will eat the animal feed as it goes back into my inventory. Infinite Animal Feed.
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The picture goes outside of the box (the bottom side)

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Okay then.

Love the soundtracks btw. Especially the boss fight soundtrack.

Maybe make the OST purchasable too?

Finally managed to beat the Spider Queen.

Will the full version be a free or paid game?

Now that the third boss has been added and everything's been fixed (I hope), I am glad to announce that this game is now officially released.

Not all the soundtracks have been added yet, and I might add more stuff, so this will still continue to update (just not as much).


Download the game here:

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Really fun game.
(Make the boss harder though. I managed to beat it before it even fired once.)

Interesting game! I had a lot of fun with this.

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Explore the dungeon and defeat evil foes! Inspired by Slayin' and Legend of Zelda (NES).

This game is still being developed, so it may not look too good right now. Frequent updates will happen though. It would be great if you could help promote this.


I'm having a lot of fun with this.

Also, the first boss (warden) isn't actually hard, except the part where he one shots you (39 DMG). How can I pass that?

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Explore the dungeon and defeat evil foes! Inspired by Slayin' and Legend of Zelda (NES).