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Wow, that's an awful lot of bullets in this small room!

Defeat the four wizards and hordes of their minions in a small arena filled with bullets!

(Created using PICO-8)

D O   A   B A R R E L   R O L L


Put down a group of space invaders with your tiny blaster.


It's not out yet. Only the demo is available.


Take control of a small ship and blast your way through hordes of enemies.

New time 4:15

I recommend adding a short demo version, especially since it's not finished yet.

Thanks for the feedback! Just added a "How to Play" screen with the controls and everything (don't know why I didn't put that before).

Very challenging platformer, especially the boss at the end.

Maybe add a timer in the corner (if anyone decided to try and speedrun this)?

Thanks! :D

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Done (the achievements).

Probably going to add achievements, and maybe post-game content (if I come up with any).

The Royal Messenger is asked to deliver a very important letter to the East Kingdom, and stumbles across a rare and powerful artifact.

Pieces of equipment are hidden in various places, and can help you a lot in battles. Try finding some of them!
Weapons - Book, Baseball Bat, Shortsword, Harpoon Gun
Armour - Clothes, Dad's Shirt, Brown Hoodie

Just wanted to point out a little bug (unless you intended for this): points don't reset upon death.

Pix64 community » Carts · Created a new topic Bullethell Boss Fight

It's the final boss (with two forms)! Luckily, you've got infinite lives.

Download both images and place them in your "Carts" folder.

I see.

Thanks for the response.

Allow developers to reorganize their games displayed on their profile page in a preferred order (because right now the newest games get displayed at the top).


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Half the screen is cut off (You should set the display to 640x640).

Shoot a bunch of bad guys in this 8-bit shooting game!

Was stuck on this too. This is pretty helpful.

How do I get out of Snowver?

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This is pretty late, but the pattern is N W E S E S W.
(Did it via guessing. Reloaded my save everytime I got it wrong).

Shooting isn't even required in this game: Just chuck your gun at an enemy to insta-kill them, pick up their weapon, and repeat.

The last puzzle took me a while to figure out. Great game idea!

EarthBound reference?

Never mind, the comment below said Sept. 14.

Only 20 minutes in and I'm already hooked. Is there an ETA for the full version?

You should create a video, or at least add some screenshots so people know what they're buying a bit better.

You should probably add some screenshots of the game.

A new game I created for GMTK 2018. You must defeat an army of enemy ships without shooting.

Only contains one level so far. If you want me to continue, leave a comment.

Download the game here:

What is your favourite game genre?

You can list more than one.


Pretty fun. Could go a bit faster though.