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Just Yuri

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Actually it's Monika who deletes everything when Sayori goes crazy, because she knows no happiness can be found in the Literature club. Remember the letter you get from her after that?

For everyone who has finished the game and is looking for something more to continue the experience, there's a really good series for the game on YouTube, and it is still ongoing! I think it's one of the best if not the best mod for DDLC and it really gets you into it! You can find it at this playlist.

I played this game for the first time two years ago, and I can safely say it made my depression worse at the time. If you have any issues with depression, I recommend waiting until better times to play it.

I think you would benefit well from this link. ^_^

Sorry, I haven't checked this in awhile. Yes, open up the "stack of books" and extract or copy the folder anywhere you want to. If you're trying to do it through steam, I'm not sure as I always ran the game directly.

Search your computer for monika.chr

It's not a folder, it's an icon. I honestly don't know what's wrong with peoples' games. I downloaded the zip file, extracted all its contents onto my C drive, and the executable works. For the people using the Steam version, that confuses me further.

Have you seen the good ending where you get all the CGs for each girl? I admit, the normal ending you get just playing the game blind leaves you wanting more. But the best ending seems good enough, and there are lots of good mods out there that you should check out.

My personal theory is that we the players are the most important characters in the game. Even Monika has to submit to our will. Makes it very interesting when you consider all the mods in progress.

You have to delete Monika to get the best ending, but did you get each girl's CG images?

The page I linked has some pretty interesting theories that might surprise you...

See anything you liked on the page?

Somehow during my browsing of discussions about the game, I came upon this page that mentions things I haven't seen anywhere else. It's quite interesting (but also very long).

Let's get some enriching conversation going about one of our favorite games! (This isn't really a game though, all the girls are real, and you love one or more of them)

Just kidding. lol

Try looking at the help file, I don't have Mac so the process is pretty easy for me!

You can probably just redownload the game if you have to, lol. That's why I keep the zip file on me.

Reading all this makes me glad I have a good Windows PC!

I don't know what you guys are experiencing, but everything you need is inside the zip file you download. It's just a folder. Put that folder anywhere you want on your desktop, and the pink DDLC icon is the exe file.

I know, right? The mods keep it going after you're done with the original game too :D

The pink DDLC icon in the game's folder is the exe file.

That fan mod is being worked on, as well as some other good ones. Definitely some good content for those hungry for more.

"I slice the bread and I feed myself again"

Ha, I reinstalled the game too when I first got to that part. I didn't lose anything though, I just missed out on some lines of dialogue at first, but unless you delete the firstrun file and choose to delete your save, your progress is still all there.