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Just Gameplay, No Commentary

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Of course, go ahead!


Now this is a weird one. The music is quite awesome though.

Nice. But oh so slow. And damn those invisible walls...

The music is great!....

Understand - I did not.


This is cool!

Infinite AK47. Enjoy!

This is fascinating but aiming seems impossible (through the spacecraft?) and controls seem confusing...

Posted in Torren comments

Interesting. The game title still has Trump Hate Facts (visible in the loader) :D

Kinda interesting, like the inventory system, though confusing at first.

I had a bit of fun with infinite rockets too now! Albeit shortlived.

I checked out that hack everybody's talking about and shot infinite cannon shots. It's good.

Weird. Nice.

I had some fun in Dustbowl too but then it crashed. :|

I had long and hard battle for the island but finally took it all!

The installer seems to install the UDK and nothing else.

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Very good-looking!

Very pretty.

Fascinating. But hard. So very hard.

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This is cute-cool. It's fun to slice your cactus.

Wow this is so slow... such a test of patience...

Kind of cool but the camera is very bad and makes platforming super annoying :/

I like the "sneaking" mission but the control/feedback/stabbing doesn't feel good yet :/

Pretty but no idea how to reach the key

Really cute! Needs some sounds ASAP :D

Pretty but oh so big and unclear as for directions...

looks interesting, nice sounds! Look forward to the next version!

good start, looking forward to epic explosion sounds and score counters

The music and look is cool! But the controls are insane.

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Cool! too bad i seem to keep breaking it ...

wow ok

Nice, couldn't find the first quest characters though :/

I like buying units and collecting cash but I didn't quite get it :)

Really nice! The UI kinda gets in the way though.

Very pretty!!! I love how you can just walk away too :D

I was lucky to not find the spider girl :D creepy, but not too creepy!

Very cute!