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just a floating eye YT

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How do I find servers? Because my friends can't play this game :(.

Im still confused.

Doesnt work :( i'm on mac

I still wonder how its scary...

How is this scary? This is not scary...

make it for mac please??? pleeeaaase?? or not? :( that makes me saaaad!!!


forget about my last comment, I found out it doesnt work. all of the files were EXE

it doesnt show what file it is, so is it compatible with macOS high sierra?

Please can you make a version for mac?

I cant find the game SCP-087-B I need the link please.

Please make a version for mac!


good game!

YAY! dualshock4 ps4 controllers work!

AMAZING GAME! one bad thing: i wish there was different levels because the game ended very fast.

please please pleaaaaase add this to mac because im not buying another computer just for this.