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Ok goof the games fixed

Hey! vsauce, Michael here! turns out im coming for you... or am i?

huh neat

Oh god playing properly though this so many bugs appear im gonna update anf patch thos very soon

these furrys are giving me wierd feelings

what does this mean


Could you make it html


this is pretty cool

sorry for the delay but if you have joined our discord server we are planning a good amount of things

 this game is amazing its funny and kinda scary but funny aswell.
i love it

my final message... E

actually ill make a discord for it

(1 edit)

thanks i may try at some point

yo guys do yall think i should make a full game from this(obvously alot better but still like continueing the story)


nooooo traitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



you are cool and good carbon lifeform


its a different timeline kinda thing ish different dialog


yes(whatever this means)



yes all popular media is

you dont have too but if u can that would be great

well id be great if u could 

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the games really nice the style is smooth and simple

i cant see any of your videos

woah cool too bad there isnt a linux port.

woah i found a bug where the game softlocks

idk how but when i got some upgrade it made em shoot 3 nbullets and somehow the game timer stopped and didnt move anymore and even worse i picked up a green one that does no damage and i cant die

wow this is really cool 

damn too bad there isnt a linux ver

Pretty much

so it doesn't work anymore damn it looked really cool

hey dude this is amazing but could u make a linux build that would be amazing if u could or maybe a web one