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Junk Spirit

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I took good time playing this game, a masterpiece thank you, this gameplay is in french you have subtitles.

J'ai pris du bon temps à jouer à ce jeu, un chef d'oeuvre merci, ce gameplay est en français vous avez des sous-titres

I took a big pleasure to play your game thanck you, genius master-piece

thank you for you marter-piece good jobs

merci beaucoup

thank you very much i love playing of game independant and thank you for your reply and  of subscribe it's good for my channel

j'ai beaucoup aimé le jeu sur tout le coté puzzle merci beaucoup c'est un petit chef-d’œuvre.. ((I loved the game on the whole side puzzle thank you very much it's a little masterpiece))

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Un jeu bien fais pour un travail réalisé a seulement 4 personne, bien jouer !

i've got big pleasure to play this game, really card good game and horror [FR]

this game looks great continue like this

thanks for your comment your game was really and sorry to answer so late .. the studies
But I wanted to ask a question because later I would like to be a games developer have a team and publish games but I wanted to know how it goes.
as to make your games you were several I wanted to know after other devellopeur its more numerous but how the publication works all that it interests me
thank you

This game is short but very funny and so i've got pleasure to play this game. thank's [FR]

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this demo is aswsome maybe i buy this game thank you dev

i took very pleasure to playing this game thank you creator !!

IMMURE community · Created a new topic IMMURE Let's play 2

yeah so famous

nice demo

next episode let's play in french big pleasure to playing this game

it was a big pleasure to try a let's play on this game

thank you very much for this master-piece

let's play for this beautiful demo long and perfect

Ce jeu est plein de ressource je le conseille pour une expérience extrêmement vivante.

big pleasure to playing this game.

it a very big pleasure to play this demo game thank you two tails.

This game is aswome (master piece)...

It was a big please sure to play this game !

An extremely entertaining game to play

merci de proposer votre oeuvre

thank you ,)

it was a pleasure to play your game

Great pleasure to play this beautiful game, maybe a little too short for my taste

big pleasure to play at this game..

JUST A MASTERPIECE... it was a pleasure to play this game,thank you to the developer.

it was a pleasure to play at your game.

I loved playing this wonderfully terrifying game                 [FR]