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Last level is impossible, missiles will go through the bubbles and not register a hit after a while.

10/10 GOTY

I am aware of this problem, and it has been mentioned in my discord. The windows build that you can download does not have this problem. 

Questions are very repetitive and easy

wow that was really cool

Thank you! Good to know that people are finding my game independently. 

Wow... just wow. Thank you so much! This is some of the best feedback I have ever received. I hope to be able to add these things soon. I have to know, how did you find my game?

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Yep! I agree! I will fix that ASAP, but that might be a week. My computer is broken.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the game is still a concept or idea, and I have some more things panned. But those will come in future weeks, because my computer is broken. I will add a crosshair, global leaderboard, easier upgrading, better AI, and even possibly multiplayer. And also some more quality of life changes, and more weapons. If you have any other suggestions, let me know.

Thanks for playing!

B  I  R  B


Cool game! There are lots of games like this already out there, but with the autopilot at the ende it kind of changed that. I had fun playing this.

Thank you! Yes, I am going to add a cross hair once my PC is fixed. 

Actually, that is an inaccurate theory. How would he be able to talk? I think that it is the other way around, in which that the tree was a dead tree, and it had a ghost. As Xander, the Lumberjack, was cutting it down to make space for a new tree, the ghost tree entered Xander's body and possessed him, creating who we now know as Xanderwood.

Thank you so much! I think I put enough work and crying in my bedroom at night til' the sun peeked over the horizon for a fortnight or two to make it cost $9,999.99 The file is no longer available tho. I will fix that eventually.

I forgot, and am kone of going to sleep right now. I'll check tomorrow.

I clicked launch and nothing even showed up. Itch said it was running but there was no game. I force stopped and tried multiple times. Nothing worked. This has happened on other games , not just your, but all of those were WebGL/HTML, not a normal executable file.

Sadly I could not get the game to run, but it looks really cool. :)

I'll give it a try when I get home!

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Thank you for the feedback! I know it says I uploaded it early but that's because I didn't know that the jam was extended a day. So the next day I got to work on an update adding some more features. Once the jam ends, I will add a cross hair.


 Thank you! I will watch it as soon as I get home from school. I'm very happy you liked it.

Than you for the feedback! A cross hair is coming once the jam ends, and so will the menu fixes.

Xanderwood is a tree that has taken the soul of a lumberjack that attempted to cut him down. That lumberjacks name was Xander. I think I solved it.

Interesting concept, did not expect voice acting, amzing visual effects, but the gameplay is a bit boring. And there are some bugs still, which are to expect since this was made in a matter of days, but one that I know of is that you can put the boxes that you hold underneath the terrain and they will get stuck there. Overall, great job!

Interesting story, amazing music, but as someone else said it was a tad bit confusing at first. I think the game is just.. missing something. I don't know what, but there is something missing. Overall, great job!

Thanks for the feedback! I think a crosshair will come in the near future ;)

Thank you so much! Once the jam ends, I will add one ASAP, as that is something a lot of people have requested. 

Thanks for the feedback! The enemies have a vision radius , so if you sneak up behind them you can destroy them, and their peripheral vision isn't that good. maybe they need their eyes checked!

Thanks for the feedback! I will eventually try to add a crosshair, but I couldn't figure out how to do it when making the game and had more important features to add. I don't know why the cursor was shown on screen, because on everyone else that has tested it for me the cursor is not visible. Thanks for playing!

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I am sorry to hear that! I know about the lag on laptops and other such devices, but am going to try some optimization stuff today, along with adding more options in the menu. I did not know about the projectile thing, and will try to fix that.  

Edit: I have found that not playing in fullscreen reduces the lag, at least on a chromebook that I used for testing.

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I don't know why the HTML Build is not showing up on the itch app, but it appears to show up on a browser like Chrome. Weird.

Thanks for the feedback! I don't think I am going to update the game much anymore, but that bug you mentioned might be fixed.

I need to know, was it any easier?

 On my account you will see a  game called Space Car 0.2, which will be up temporarily while the Game Jam is still going on, and will be much easier for you to play. Thanks for the feedback!

In a few minutes, on my account you will see a new gam called Space Car 0.2, which will be up temporarily while the Game Jam is still going on, and will have all of the bug fixes you mentioned, plus more. 

You don't need to leave the jam! It is a great way to showcase your skills, you just probably won't win.