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So I have the itch app, and if I right click on an app, a menu appears with different options. One of them is "open in explorer". If you click that, open the goose file, then click on the green square goose icon, a goose appears. I recommend to make a shortcut and put it on your desktop so you don't have to do this every time you want to see the goose. Hope this is a better explanation. Note that I am on a Windows computer, and not a Mac.

You need to find the file in your explorer, then click on the green goose icon. Hope this helps!

Hah! Love this! So funny! I love it when he steals my mouse. How does it work? Oh darn hes tracking mud right now. HA!

I think I figured it out. In 2D mode you can just select all the images inside unity and drag them into the scene view and unity will prompt you to save an animation.

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Hey, I am new to Unity and was wondering, the animations are just groups of images. How do I turn that into an animation? Anyone can help. I am trying to make a procedurely generated game. I do love this pack!

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Super fun! I enjoyed every last piece of uyasgfkuysagfkyuagfkuhavbavygfhaygfahfu.

Love your vids Noa!

Great game! I loved the sounds. I think you should add more planets and smooth out the eating of the hearts. And the plaentary battle was a bit fiddly, but otherwise I loved this game! The ending was awesome! I laughed so hard. A cool idea might be to have a freeplay mode with procedurely generated planes and a fast-moving rocket, plus new weapons as rewards. Keep Developing!