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Yes, when you're not an artist, you can use free assets...

This world is Falling Apart.

This is your life on this world.
From the beginning to the end.

Watch a world collapsing into pieces.
By wars, diferencies, fears...

You're lost because of all those events that kill your world.
But it makes you stronger.

But you understand that you can't do anything.
You can't save your world like heroes in movies or comics.

It's too big and too complicated for you.


Try to remember.

Who are you ?
Why are you alive ?
Why there is no humans ?
What are those machines ?
What is my purpose ?
Why the world is devastated ?
Do I really need to destroy those machines ?
Is this real ?

A lot of questions but no answers.

In Giants you are a chance for humanity, so everything that you do can have a lot of consequences.
Good luck on your adventure in this huge and dangerous world.

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Hey guys, i want to share with you roads !

Try to get through the roads and avoid the cars, trucks and trains to finally enter the white portal .

Travel throught psychedelic levels.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JGOfficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/games_june

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