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Linux demo is up! Let me know if you find any bugs.

Will look into it, and thanks for the kind words, I know that feeling of reading classic sci-fi for the first time, and its something i'd love to evoke.

Thanks, I hope you'll consider backing us on Kickstarter.

From my quick research that appears to be a false positive, I promise I'm not trying to sneak malware onto your PC, just a xenobiology game :)

I love Mu Cartographer, its definitely an inspiration 

Thanks! Sorry about the text problem, haven't encountered that bug, what resolution were you running the game at?

If you are up for testing a Linux version of the demo, sure! Let me know and ill upload one.

Thanks, I aim to fascinate :)

Thank you! Its a lot of fun to leave people to figure things out sometimes. If the kickstarter gets funded you'll definitely get to see more :)

Thanks! the metroid connection is really about two things, scanning, and the main game's wider world. Think of this prologue like Metroid Prime's opening space station sequence, it's a linear introduction to the game, but after it is finished the world opens up. Expect something similar in the main game.