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what if I am in a team?

Am I allowed to use sound effects from the internet, or do I need to make my own for this jam?

try the google play version, I did exactly this

thats a good question, can you send it to me on discord?


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I bought the game on steam, could I get a drm free copy? I don't want to take a community copy because I don't want to take a copy someone else could have.

Edit: I can provide whatever proof you need

Not unity, godot, not sure how to do that

as far as the hammer getting stuck, you gotta give me some slack here, this game was made in a game jam in only 3 hours. There will be a version on google play soon that has most of your grievances addressed.

oh, but thats the point, the controls of the original are also horrible, this genre is characterized by shitty controls. My controls are just shitty in a slightly different way.

The aliens appear to follow a set path that doesn't include the right side of the screen. Love the sound effects. Since the bugs shoot straight down, and I shoot straight up, I can't really shoot at them without getting shot myself, whenever there are more than 3 or so in the same spot.

If you could show an arc of where I will land, it would make this game much easier. I think your main problem right now is that to be good at your game, you need to memorize the level and where exactly to aim to get to the next platform. there is a lot of guessing involved in where I will land. Also, I would experiment with decreasing the total amount of time I stay in the air. It is just down time, and reducing that tends to make your game more fun.

For some reason, the white buttons sometimes refuse to be pressed. Also, I need to be able to look at the screen and understand the puzzle. I don't want to have to experiment to figure out which button affects which box. Maybe color coding? Maybe you could draw a line between each button and it's corresponding box. Also, the white boxes do not indicate which direction they move in. Same problem. Overall though, puzzle games are super hard to pull off in a jam, and I applaud you for making something this good.

The parallax stars were a nice touch. Some more mechanics are needed though to make this interesting, at the moment it is a bit... 1 dimensional.

You forgot to unlock my mouse when I die, I can't see where it is, so whenever I die, I need to refresh the page. Good job with the effects and everything, surprised you made this in 3 hours.

I would have attempted to replicate the paddle behavior of the original, talking about the angle that the ball bounces off of the paddles. Counter intuitively, you are supposed to remove the ball's y axis velocity whenever it bounces off a paddle, and just use the y position of the paddle relative to the ball to make a new y velocity. Also, running a paddle into the wall causes it to rotate. Not sure why the paddles move in steps either.

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I appreciate the locked rotation scroll wheel thing thats going on from a retro perspective, but if I had a choice, I would pick a "look at my mouse" kind of control scheme. I feel like my shield could be closer too, by the time bullets get close enough for me to realize, its already too late.

I can cheese it by scrolling as fast as possible and holding space.

love the aesthetic, from a game design standpoint, this also works really well, good job. Also, walls on the left and right to stop you from leaving the game would be nice.

Cool concept, could use some polish. Very easy to surround myself and make it impossible to move. Also, I would rework the explosions, I assumed at first, that they had an area of effect, but then I realized that they only killed you if the red lines touched you. Maybe it would be less of an issue if the explosions were smaller overall? Also, the explosions are super loud if you're too close. I get that this is realistic, but it is kind of jarring.

idk why you wouldn't just use WASD. The graphics of my tail while turning are a little funky. Controls are very difficult, although I imagine it would be easier on a mobile phone. Good job making this in 3 hours though, I know I couldn't.

Kind of stretching the limitation a little bit, but a fun concept. 4 different bleeps for the colors would have been cool too. Good job with polishing this though.

Super welll polished, I think overcoming gravity takes a few too many bullets, maybe decrease the mass of the player? Also, for some reason, if I go onto the second screen while holding down click, my gun disappears? Overall, good job with this.

Overall, the button combinations are a cool way of getting around the restriction. Good job.

Its kinda boring at the moment, I would make it a little faster, and add different enemies that can only be killed with certain attacks. Or, maybe have limited arrows, and crabs can drop arrows. This would force the player to get up close to the action. Maybe the crabs could fall in from the top all over the screen, instead of just the sides too.

I can't really keep my space ship still, make it so that if the cursor is within a certain distance of the ship, it does not move on that frame. Also, it doesn't really matter where my space ship is, I can play by ignoring my space ship and just clicking on the asteroids. The two solutions that come to my mind is to either make the player die if he touches an asteroid, or make the bullets a lot slower so that it makes more sense to move your ship closer to an asteroid.

unable to play, the game does some funky things to my browser.

Pixelated, pallete aesthetic really works well here, the gameplay reminded me a lot of clustertruck. There were some surfaces that I could get stuck on, otherwise, good job!

Jumping while moving causes my character to jitter, the jump is a bit floaty. I would also make jumping on the hedgehog bounce you up a little more. More sounds would be nice. Otherwise, good job!

Liked the idea, I would make the players's texture simpler so that I can tell more easily which way I will jump. Maybe its just half black and half white. I would have liked to have some sounds. Otherwise, good job.

Love the game over screen, I think it would work better if you only checked the last inputs for attacks 1 and 2. For example, inputting DADAA Space would use the second attack. DADAD Space would use the first attack.

I decided to go with shitty vector art rather than ms paint, I think I might try the ms paint aesthetic next time.

This game gave me carpal tunnel, I want a refund. I enjoyed the starry background and the programmer art though.

I am a programmer and musician with lots of experience in godot. I would love to be added to your team.

I have made several games in godot(check my itch). Also, a few more on google play(most recent: ). All of the music in my games was made by me, although ill admit its not my expertise. I'm looking for an artist with a similar level of experience.

Made me rethink how I played snake, cool concept.

I did record myself, it was pitch shifted both to reduce my embarrasment, and to make it sound more like an ogre.

You are correct, thats not how the original did it, I tried to copy it more closely, but was running out of time and had to approximate. I have since fixed it, and after the rating period is over, I will update it.