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mr Jackob,
I hope that you are doing well,
Thank you for your feedback.
I haven't seen you in a very long time,
what brings you here?
take care,

yeah, i didn't add a fullscreen mode for the game

oh man i enjoyed this one, very polished and fun!
its not everyday you come across such games on itch!
one critique i have is the random difficulty spikes in some levels near the end but other than that, good game

optimization is a wide topic, its not really about one thing i cant really explain it but i can give one example, like if you have particles in your game, make sure to delete them once they dissapear because its just going to lag the game


i shall do that.

eyy thank you :3

interesting idea but the theme kinda ruins it i think, some jumps were a little too hard, you normally shouldnt do that also the movement felt kinda sluggish making it annoying when you fell

it doesnt help that much, i dont remember that jam

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that's funny xd

i dont really remember that but, go ahead, sounds like fun

i would consider this an amazing game on its own, but the fact you made it in 2 days is just crazy,

you even made a fokin boss fight! what the hecc!

just shows the power of a well coordinated team heheee

very nice and good job!

congrats! very interesting concept

very nice and polished game, a little too hard for me heh

thank you!

i like the song, the attack range could be a little longer, and the cooldown maybe shorter

i wanted it to be a very vertical level based game kinda like mobile style even

but yea i guess i could have made it wider and then filled the rest of the screen with blocks or whatever

yea as i was falling i thought i saw a white thing from under the map, well isnt that annoying!

thats a very interesting take on it, really nice stuff

eyy im glad you enjoyed it thanks!
this is acctualy my third jam but i've not finished much games (which is why i want to start joining them more)

nice art! i like the filter that you added (i think), interesting concept and the game was fun, full 5 star from me

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i couldnt find the last white rectangle and then i fell out of the map and couldnt reset :c
but other than that i think its impressive that you managed to make this in this time, nice concept

interesting mechanics, i didnt like though that if you died, you started all the way back at the start of the first level, i thought you can bash through the enemies, maybe making them look spiky would help with that

nice game! i liked it although it was kinda slow like other people are saying

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i think you can use "wasd" to rotate it

thank u!

thank you! yea the jam was a blast, i hope you had fun with it aswell

thank you! this was just a throw away jam game though, i want to get back into game jams, they are like super good for game dev improvement i hear

thanks! yea, its not said anywhere in the game, didnt have enough time, my bad lol

i checked it again, and there they are, i must have missed them lol
they arent very visible against the background

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i like the art, i didnt know how to damage some of the bosses targets though

the game was kinda fun, im surprised how much you managed to cram in there in that time, i didnt like how long the death sequence was though

nice, simple and fun, the only critique is that i didnt know how to attack at first

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thats a fun idea! could use a bit of juicing up though, also i kept randomly dying but thats understandable for a game jam
edit: i read the description and now know why i was dying

so juicy, nice! it was fun getting kinda OP before the enemies overwhelmed me

i think its broken, it keeps flashing a brown screen on and off

hehe thanks

nice concept

i got 30 lol

i have absolutely no idea why but its kinda fun xD

a little bit of polish and this game could be a pretty nice highscore game

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thanks! :3