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np mate, im not impatient (maybe expect for waiting for game jams, i have a game jam starting tommorow that i joined and i cant wait so bad)

oh no xD i will check this out later..., 
hey btw do you remember me from game jolt?

cant wait


any% or hard% or normal%?

i dont really care now, im abandoning this game, it has caused much dopamine, yes but it also caused big sadness later, welp i atleast got 81st place


looks cool but im broke T^T


yea thanks!


yes all of this makes sense now thanks for explaining xD yea i will use this part of the feedback in my other games but for this game i added also arrow keys so u could have had the right hand on the up arrow but yea i do notice games like celeste using space button again thanks!


tell people in the beggining or in the menu idk


i dont understand how to play or its just too hard i dont like card games so much sry

this kinda sux (not the game) that u cant click play with ur mouse

this game is so funny nice concept but yea it doesnt have music nor sounds its good tho


u mean like jumping with space button?

yea i didnt know how to code turning off music it would just bug out and i was anoyed sry T^T and about sfx i just have a folder with various sounds and i just picked a few and hoped for the best xD thanks!

heh nice!

lolololol nice

yea sure! i can share some screen shots

thanks for the feedback :P
1. yea its kinda rough but i will make better platformers from now on i just quickly added all of theese parameters and didnt think much of it

2. yea that too, weak parameters. getting the hang of it tho

3. i tried to fix it but i kinda failed i guess   
4. yea that was kinda dumb but i didnt know what to do so i just made the jump force higher, yea i should have lowered the gravity too
5. i dont understand xD

thanks for all of this feedback! yea the gravity is kinda high xD also i finnished this game in 2 days and added some features that were recomended (coyote time, more levels aka hard mode, blind jump removed and more) 

ooh thanks for all of this feedback i dont really get the last part tho can u explain?

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thanks! yea i did enjoy this jam, it was fun u too

im happy u did!


glad u liked it! yea movement is a little rough for a first platformer (well not very first but first on in godot)

hey thanks! im glad u liked it!

yea im still learning, i want to make a full game metroid vania but i will have to learn a little bit more anyways ty!

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why is every game that passes mine a horror game! im not playing that im sure this is a scary one

thank you! i dont really know what u mean by that, do you mean that the movement is buggy? if so then i agree

it doesnt really fit the theme that way but ok xD thanks

('w';)  uhm thanks i guess

thanks! for the second minus, there is acceleration and friction