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nice concept

i got 30 lol

i have absolutely no idea why but its kinda fun xD

a little bit of polish and this game could be a pretty nice highscore game

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thanks! :3

you're never going to beat my score tho >:D

very nice and polished game, why is it so dang hard tho!!! xD

this is pretty good so far, i really like this simplistic type of games, good luck on future development (if you're going to be doing that)

nuuu!! well that sucks

hey, i was wondering, whats going on there, is its still active? i dont think so but i got so curious randomly now xD

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i already gave all my amazement on the map mod thingy by "rare" because i thought it was their game, well all that should have gone to you (and whoever else worked on it), sorry about that

anyway, i kinda love and hate that jumps like this are possible xD
(there is a picture here, idk why it doesnt appear)
overall, very fun experience!
(i wanted to get the last berry but i fell through the wind thingy all the way back to the begining xD)

oh! alright then xD 
so you just made a extremely buffed mod to the levels? thats pretty cool! im going to check out the original now thanks!

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alright, first of all the game is very fun! hitboxes can be a bit wack but once you figure out how it works (jumping 1 block height, being able to make late coyote time jumps, 3 block jumps) it plays really well! i love the difficulty, the pixel art is amazing! im guessing you used some of the extended palette? im surprised how much stuff and content you managed to put in. i wanted to finish it but i found a softlock spot by accident :/ in this weird cross room if you jump here from the bottom screen, you get stuck dying and respawing in a spike and you cant escape, even if you spam the teleport button

nicee you found the secret xd

thank you! im glad you enjoyed it :D

oh hey! havent seen you in a while

i know this is probably a WIP but you can acctualy just skip the sword xD
also mini jam or just game jam in general, i absolutely need to join one eventualy, i havent finnished a game in like half a year or what

fun game

oooh alright

i hope there will be a steam release of this, its great, i want to play the full version once it comes out

that doesnt really mean you cant map the jump to space bar i dont think?

too hard for me xd
if there was a button for speeding up the tetris blocks a bit mayyybe but there was only one smash block down button and it was connected to the shoot and thats too much for me to handle
anyway nice idea

oh man i did not expect coming across this today xD
i really enjoyed it, the art and music are great, the style reminds me of nitrome alot, one thing that i didnt like at the start of playing was that i was messing up the jump button with the shoot button, i could get used to it and i partualy did but maybe enable setting the jump button to maybe like the space bar or something (also it was kiiiinda hard but i personaly dont mind that much)

thanks! glad you enjoyed it

bro. you participate in so many game jams xD i should probably do that myself too, anyways the game is pretty fun, i enjoyed it! i didnt get anywhere near your score tho lol

i didnt participate this year because im busy with other stuff at the moment but very fun game and that mechanic gets pretty tough at times xd

i cannot download it weird i just press the download button and it just doesnt do anything, even with the itch io alternate download mode


doesnt that mean that you are a epic gamer tho?


np mate, im not impatient (maybe expect for waiting for game jams, i have a game jam starting tommorow that i joined and i cant wait so bad)

oh no xD i will check this out later..., 
hey btw do you remember me from game jolt?

cant wait


any% or hard% or normal%?

i dont really care now, im abandoning this game, it has caused much dopamine, yes but it also caused big sadness later, welp i atleast got 81st place


looks cool but im broke T^T


yea thanks!


yes all of this makes sense now thanks for explaining xD yea i will use this part of the feedback in my other games but for this game i added also arrow keys so u could have had the right hand on the up arrow but yea i do notice games like celeste using space button again thanks!