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that's some dedication. i'm impressed.

We've actually had many of the same ideas you've suggested there; the fishing huts and the small house being upgradable into the larger house. The smaller house is, i think at the minute, more of an emergency worker supply for a tower- without spending the larger resource amount on the larger house => not having enough resources to build the tower you wanted originally. in the latest update we think we've improved the apple tree's overpowered-ness, by making it so the stockpile only auto-harvests farms; leaving trees to be manually harvested.

We definitely want to add different types of combat (footsoldiers) , other than the simple setup there is now- but the biggest problem i think we have is if we add 'too much' the game may become unnecessarily complex- which we think would ruin the simplicity the game has, which is one of its best features ( we think )

We really aren't sure yet- but right now, our 'storyline' setup would be more level based- with each level bringing in something new.

Thanks for the feedback :)

We're glad you enjoy the game enough for multiple playthroughs. :)

If there's anything you feel might improve the balance, or any suggestions you have- feel free to say

But if you do have any suggestions/advice for us; we'd happily listen :)

Sorry, this update wont have a pause feature- but we'll try to get it in for the next one! (promise)

As of right now, no; and likely as the game is now, there wont be the option to either- as the game would only take 3/4 of an hour at most to finish.

However;  in the next update which should be out today/tomorrow (23rd / 24th) there will likely be the ability to pause the game

Hey again, thanks for the continued feedback :)

Personally, i think the event idea is probably something we'll end up adding, and the temple idea isn't too bad either

We'll end up trying some ideas of a similar nature I imagine, and see how it goes overall.

We have a kind of semi-plan of how we want the span of the game to pan out, but yea, implementing everything and making it work, keeping the game fun, is the big issue. If you'd like to follow Robin on itch, we'll reply to any feedback, ideas and/or criticism of potential future updates you might have with the game.

thanks again

Thanks for playing our game :)

Many people have said that it isn't clear that you have to manually click to harvest things- and yea, that's true, it probably should be communicated better in-game; however there is a 'Helpful stuff' section on the game page telling you (though it doesnt stand out well, so i cant blame you for not seeing it)

We've asked BitDefender to flag it as a false positive, but we havent heard back yet

Initially, when a resource ran out the workers actually weren't refunded; which made building houses a much greater priority- but that completely broke the balance of the game and often led to an inescapable pit till you lose. Tower price, in terms of resources is a tricky balance- as most of the time in the case of being attacked you either have barely enough to scrape a tower together, or you have enough to build multiple easily. We did think of adding foot soldiers to attack- which is what walls were originally meant for; except we didnt have the time to put them in. But internal strife, while adding depth and difficulty, off the top of my head would be quite hard to implement a system which is simplistic enough to keep the overall feel of the game, without being tedious. (random events might work?)

We agree; the issue is putting those extra layers of strategy in. though with some thinking and perseverance i hope we can get the right balance

thanks for the feedback

1. True, a tutorial would be a great help; many seem to struggle to understand a few mechanics, especially the manual harvesting until you get the storehouse.

2. You can right-click to revert the cursor the normal, though it might have needed to be conveyed a bit better perhaps.

3.Happiness I think is too easy to maintain, but when it hits 0% you lose- which is the alternate condition for losing apart from the town centre being destroyed. Rain should have increased the speed of farm growth; however they were already so fast that without a storehouse, rain would become a hassle in most cases.

4. the most poorly conveyed feature is that after harvesting ~120 resources, a lumber shack or quarry will infact run out- returning the initial 2 worker investment. There is no notification of this apart from actually visually noticing it's gone- which definitely needs to be improved upon.

5. We have some (what we think are) good ideas on how to do this- such as a blood moon type of event, where a strong / multiple ships will attack; but the time constraints were too tight for LD (though we are planning on adding this later)

6. thanks bud