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Aaah, never mind! I just realized that I'll upload the file on my itch-page. Thus, I'd better pretty  it up a bit. ;)

Hi Kira and Jenn,

I'm basically done. It's a pretty unceremonious Word doc now - I could do a more pretty layout, but if you aim for a consistent layout for all games, it would be a bit of futile effort to improve the looks. ;) What would you prefer  - .doc or layouted .pdf?  

Thanks for the answer! Yes, I already did some brainstorming and I had already much more ideas for the ocean.  ;) 

Hey everyone,
the first thing I thought of was "Earth from the perspective of inanimate objects in space" - like space debris, satellites... Something about artificial light, light pollution, the view on Earth from above. But that's not exactly about plants, critters, and habitats. ;) My second thought was about ocean waste, that would touch more on the subject of critters. Do you have a preference, Kira and Jenn?