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Judger and make thing

A member registered Sep 28, 2020

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Ye dude I'm trying to make a mod that ban cheaters

No one ask

Sometimes I think we need to ban among us cheaters all indians server are full of cheaters then go to Asia or else to play poor guys they need to switch server to play and they don't really uunderstand English much I saw them in Philippines server and English ban cheatersay cousin said it's about 260k dowload of cheat


If your an impostor you can see your partner in the map or chat so you can call it a double kill and a button that goes double kill here

I agree

Best Idea but I'm mobile user

Oof that idea suck my man that's unfair if  the crewmatw don't die they just shoot one by one big fail

Look good i wish that will come out

Ban happy mod and other cheats and add report button in settings for cheaters

Awesome 👍 

innersloth please put report button for cheaters and ban them for life ban happy mod