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Judge Doom

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I played again after reading your reply and I think I've figured out the error. When I entered the storeroom, I originally went for the book on top of the cabinet FIRST. Might seem strange since there are others that are easier to get, but it jumped out at me for whatever reason. If you do the other ones first, it works fine. I apologize for not being able to figure that out on my own. 

Ah that was it. It was the resumes I couldn't find. Appreciate the info, sorry I couldn't piece it together on my own.

Hi, I was assigned this game. I was enjoying the premise but I got stuck in the fast food restaurant trying to help the guy complete his order. I can't remember now if it was the ketchup or the item you needed afterwards, but I searched all over the place and just couldn't find it. 

Hi, I was assigned this game. It seemed promising but I got stuck in that room within 5 minutes of starting and had to DQ per the contest rules. Perhaps I was supposed to do something before going into the storeroom, but I hadn't seen anything that indicated that. Pushed the chair to reach the book but nothing happened once I was on the chair and I couldn't leave the room.