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Well, I didn’t know that game but seeing its videos I can say it’s a completely different game, it’s mobile, it has different goals, different mechanics, different mobility, different style, etc. Also you are comparing a game made by a company with tons of developers, designers, sound designers, musicians and money with a game made just by me, an indie game developer alone. I don’t know why are you comparing my game with another one, sorry if it wasn’t your intention, but your comment sounds just toxic.

Hi Oleksiy, thank you for taking the time to report the issue, I’m really sad to hear that, I’m currently using macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (64-bit) and I don’t have a macOS Mojave to fix the problem. Please connect to my Discord server or add me as a friend jc#1337, so I can help you. See you there!

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I had the same issue, with that workaround now it’s working, thanks BleuBleu

Thank you!

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Hey cdutson long time no see! I just uploaded a new version of DROID7 fixing the “laser cheats” inspired by your YouTube video.

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Hi! Thank you! I’m glad you noticed the difficulty curve, because in the beginning I had a 2 stars review because of it, and I put a lot of work to rework it. It’s really satisfying how the game is working now.

I watched your video, thanks for doing it, I liked it and you’ve got a new subscriber, me :)

Again, thank you!

If your game is paid, an admin will check it manually, it takes time.

I experienced the same delay when I published my game.

It seems fixed for me too.

Yes, I have the same problem, it’s a server issue.

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Same for me, I can’t see some images, and I can’t upload new screenshots to my game.

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$ tar -zxvf droid7-0.0.1-beta-linux.tar.gz

I’m uploading a new release, it will be “zipped”.

Thanks for your patience!