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Hey thanks for paying :)

The game was made in Unity.

Really cool game, I'm very impressed about all features that was implemented. I have to be honest, I really wanted to play all 100 level, but after some time, when u learn the mechanic, things started to be too repetitive, there was 3 or 4 levels with the same attack pattern, it was just taking too long to have new attack patterns in a more challenging way. I managed to get to lvl 37. I'm really curious to see all possible attack combinations, but I'm to lazy to wait until lvl 100 xD. I would suggest to intercalate the attack patterns more often, wanted to see more of that laser attack on early levels. Or more on the subsequently falling spear. Maybe the difculty could be managed within every 10 levels. For example from 1 to 3 it's easy, 4 to 7 medium 8 to 10 hard. By difficulty I mean more chaotic attack patterns. Really like the game, overall it's very polished and fun to play!!

sure thing, great job!! :D

I like it, very creative!! Could be more challenging tho, It's really straight forward how to beat the levels, gameplay is very methodic. But overall it's very creative, a different way to look at a bullet hell game. nice :)

Heey, I love this game, really simple shooter and really fun to play!! Took me 3 deaths to finally beat the boss :D. The random bullet shots from the boss along with that ones that comes from the left side of the screen are very dangerous. Overall very chaotic bullet hell game. I love it :) The only critic I have is that for me the velocity of the ship you control is too low, kinda wierd to move around sometimes, (maybe that's intended),but  that made me feel lil anxious trying to move around hahah.

Wow, this game is so pleasing <3

Thank you Elí! We are going to extend this game, so if ur interested in future updates, stay tuned :D

Hey, thank you very much Rensto!!

thanks dude :D

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Personally I love the idea of having a boss rush direction for sure!!
The initial idea was having some more skills (but with 3 days to finish the game we decided to reduce our scope), so they will definitely came up somewhere in the future, so stay tuned on Bunny vs Carrot page xD.
The mouse thing is already a discussion among team members so it'll probably came up on next versions.
 Thank you so much for this feedback!!!

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Nice catch dis0rder!! Ty so much for this feedback!!

Thank you very much for playing! Well so stay tuned we have plans for Bunny vs. Carrot in the future :)

Wait until we start to add new shooting patterns xD. Thank you very much for playing, and give feedback!

Ty for playing and give feedback!

Thank you very much for playing and giving feedbacks!

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Yeah that was our 'Unexpected' idea :) I'm glad you like it!! Thanks for playing and feedback! We are planning to have that top bar to be yellowish, we already updated it on project files but,  still testing some things before update to itch, and indeed its a good idea to have for the controllers, I'll discuss that with the team, ty one more time!!

Thank you for playing and giving feedback! Indeed Hell level is really hard, I even took a lot of tried to beat it myself :)

Hey thank you so much for playing and giving us feedback! Indeed Hell level supposed to be a insane difficulty, but beatable XD. Glad u liked, keep your eyes open, we have plans for Bunny vs Carrot in the future :D

Outstanding pixel art, I love it!!!
Love the attack animation, that combos dude!! niice!! xDDD

Btw I got a little bug right when I defeated the first dudes and walk to next screen, I was at the right side of the screen and all enemies were with me like in the same spot, and I couldn't move and the the enemies were not attacking as well.

I got ya, I think u can still give it a try until ratings deadline.Btw I find really cool the ones that build a whole game by themselves. Good job dude!! :)

I'm not a big fan of story tellers but,  I'm a big fan of pixel art xD the art is amazing !!!

I'll start saying that I'm fanboy of pixel art, so I love the art!!! :D And the game play look a little bit weird for me like when u jump the camera jump as well, and its a little bit annoying but the overall is really good, I like platformers.

no wories at all, we are changing our programming team/engine, so I think they'll prob rewrite the whole code. Thanks for the feedback!!

Thanks very much for playing and for your feedback!!

Hey thanks very much for playing! We are still polishing the game and prob gonna fix those bugs for later versions! :)

Hey thanks very much!! One tip for combat is to watch closely for when enemies are preparing themselves to attacks, them u can walk a little bit to the side to avoid being hit and then attack the enemies while they are on cooldown animation.

Hey thanks you very much for playing and giving feedback!! Indeed the combat is a little bit irrelevant right now, but i'll discuss that with team in order to make that interesting, btw we gonna add some bosses to the game prob, so keep ur self tuned :)

Heey thanks very much for playing and giving us feedback!! I agree with you, I think this prototype is really poor for now but we are still discussing new features and bug fixes for later versions! Keep tuned on we are continuing this game!

Hey thank you very much for playing our game and give feedback. And I thank for apreciatting my art (I made the characters sprites/animations). Keep your eyes open, we are planning to continue this game, new characters/abilities might appear, and the story line is getting really complete!

nice, bem interessante a idéa e a arte fico muito legal!!

Caralho, que idéia interessante!!! Parabéns a equipe!!

Muito legal, a arte ta mto fofa!

Wonderful, amazing, incredible,  what else...!! Hey I just love this game! They way you guys made that simple level design that keeps repeating its reaally smart thing, and the mechanics wall grab, dash, super jump... This is reaaally fun to play!! Congratulations!

Hey! Thanks for playing and giving us feedback!! We are already discussing some new mechanics and polishment for some of this things! 

Thank you for playing and giving feedback!! We are planning some tile background to make the walls and platforms look different from a actual block! 

Hey Patrice, thank you very much for playing and giving us feedbacks :) !! We are planning some new mechanics for that timer!!! And that's a good idea btw, the restart button, gonna discuss about that with the team!! And about the colors at first it was just a art design. But now we are implementing some unique mechanics for each block, for example the red one already have its own mechanic, when you  plot it, it becomes part of the map (a gray block). 

Thanks very much for playing and giving feedback!! We are working on this timer, maybe a little changes!! 

Thanks for playing!! We are working on new levels, and new block mechanics you can check it out on main game game soon! xDDD

Thanks for playing! We gonna discuss about it, thx very much for your feedback!

Thaanks a lot for playing and for giving us feedbacks!!! Yeah there's a lot of ppl speaking about the timer, and we are working on that to make that mechanic feels better xD ty again!