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Great game! The artstyle is unique and super cool. I  like the concept of this game , the mix of chess and puzzles have well done. It was fun to play , it would be great to see a complete version of this game.

Nice job!!

I like the concept of the game . It has potencial , with more time of work it will be a greater game.

Nice job!

Cool game, I like it!! The minimalist art and the mechanics are pretty great . At the beginnig I lose on the first rounds but when I figured out how it works I enjoyed it so much (more than I expected).

Nice job!!

Thank you Gabriela! Yup I should improve  the balance of the game to make it easier and give a better experience for the player fixing the random patterns that generate enemies, it will be a post-game jam goal.

Thanks for your feedback!

There's a lot of work in this game, I like the art of the UI ,  3d models of the characters and of course the music. However , I think mechanics could be more complex or fight an stronger enemy after defeating the first one and so on. Nice work!!

There were sometimes where the charmeleon placed inside the walls , probably for the collisions. But after all I like the game (concept and artstyle) and use only the charmeleon's tongue to move was pretty fun . Great work!! :)

Thanks for your feedback ! :) because of time I couldn't check so much the balance of the game . But yeah I'll try to improve the game and make it easier to let know the player about the enemy's stats  ,balance the game and add new features.

Thanks for the feedback ! I really appreciate it :) Yup the idea of leveling up the player by unlocking attacks or abilities sounds fantastic .

Self promotion uwu

Play as a random warrior and defeat lots of enemies as you can. When you defeat an enemy , you can choose if continue playing with your current warrior or steal enemy's soul and fight with his stats and weapons.

Team of One was made in under 48 hours for the GMTK game jam by Juan Amaro aka Juan3A.

It's my first try to make a turn based battle game made with unity

mola mucho el arte! :)


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Done ! The bug had been fixed : )