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i have a few questions

how many new R&D project in the new build  ?

2 currently at the end of the current version its how long the MC is in the hotel ?

3 in the future are you going to do a sequel to drinking games or something similar like strip poker?

4 and one last naughty question what is the biggest fantasy of asterion and each member of staff ? (argos / nikos, oscar, pedro included).

5 is there a French version of planning or in court?

The game is great I wish you a good continuation and can't wait to play the new version . and sorry for the possible fault English has my native language.

honestly I prefer natural asterion but if you need outfits.  I prefer outfits that reveal the body completely except the crotch.  while searching on twitter i found some examples (which comes from hades game fanart) 

Or this is good too 

and i would love to see asterion with the same cape as on the art of @GigaSaddle

I hope to have given you some ideas .

in any case good continuation and I am really looking forward to tomorrow to play the new update.

when will we have the next clothes, accessories, and tattoos for asterion and will there be any other than to show up so far.

your game is awesome asterion is just adorable the story is super interesting and really promises a lot you do a great job and continue on your spear.

sorry if it's poorly worded but i'm french.馃槄

will you make a french version ?

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i am interested in your games but i have to wait for your android version.  but i have a question what is your native language and would you make a version of the games in that language?