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aha the music section of this works in Firefox, if anyone else is trying this

Bitsy Game Maker community » Help · Created a new topic audio

Hey, I can't seem to get audio working in my test games...

I tried this advice

on some other usermade games, audio does/doesn't work. 

For example



I think it might be due to Chrome not allowing autoplay? any help/ideas?

great story telling! so slick and well presented!

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really liking it! I checked it out because I'm starting with Python and Pygame, and programming in general. A bit of constructive criticism (from an audio guy): the footstep sounds are really low and rumbly.  It looks like you combined the low, rumbly "ambience" file with your  "grass" footsteps. you could try using a different sample or put a high pass filter on it and your ambient sounds (100 Hz or greater). 

I found that you can exploit the controls and hold both left and right to wall jump

Also turn up or replace the music! It sounds like environment noise. Nice job, hope to learn a lot from your project

Cool idea, is there a win state? I couldn't get past anything other than fast beeps

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thanks! Means a lot. Hope to expand on it just for players like you. 

very cool title screen. I can't seem to get the objective at all though...

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Thanks for playing! I revised it just for you!


yes, I would've liked to have collectibles and a few other ideas. stay tuned...

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hey, thanks! I'll try making it a bit slower; It'd be fun to make something more developed from it...

probably a bunch of unused assets

tried it on the other work computer and it apparently doesn't work on 32-bit machines

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same for me. I'm trying it out at work on a laptop and neither the track pad or "nub" mouse are working for turning. When I pause, my cursor is visible and moving. Looks very cool though, dev. Looking forward to trying it out