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He hasn't raised enough money yet to get it on steam

You can always make your own thread on why its not free and just pin it

It's not like he's making you pay get a grip


Cant you delete the thread?

Get a life man seriously. Game developers spend hours and hours every day trying to make their vision come true. The assets and hardware needed to make this game will be very expensive and he needs a budget to work with. If you don't have 7 quid, beat it and just watch youtubers play it and stop begging like a 3 year old on JNI's page. Also, all the people that have already bought it will feel ripped off if he suddenly made it free and kept their money. Beat it, kid. Stop whining.

Most developers who sell games for free don't do it full time. Jannik needs the money because he spends most of his time awake coding and he is probably going through a programmer's burnout. You don't see the your window cleaner come round and leave without getting paid.

Definitely try to add more monsters, because you only have goblins right now. You could add ogres(which have layers XD), Demons, gremlins, trolls and MAYBE a boss battle against a dragon.

Ooooooooo XD

Which Mirror is Better To Download?

Is This Like Garbage Day? Because it Uses The Same Music( Could Be Copyrighted ). Also, it uses the same slapping mechanic as 'What The Heck, Dude'.

Right Click For Grenades

Add Console Commands!



If You Feel Like You Are Struggling With The UE4 Engine, Then I Reccomend Learning Unity. Unity Can Produce Much Similar Graphics and Is Definitely Easy To Use. Sick Game Though!

JK All OS's Are The Same. They are all good for what they are good at | : ) | ;)

Linux is Better Than MAC Tho

Maybe His Unity Version Cannot Build A MAC Version

So Fun! There is Nothing Wrong With This And I Hope You Win Your Greenlight Campaign!

How Do U Expect Somebody To Download A Project That Doesn't Include Screenshots.