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I've tried playing this game several times.  It won't let me save.  The battles seem cool, storyline is very intriguing but I made it to that fairy glitch and frankly just gave up.  Sorry, I tried but this is just too frustrating to play any further.

I'm a little late to the game (no pun intended) but I really enjoyed this title.  I especially enjoyed the various endings.  It's a fun game and I think you deserved first place!  But that's just my humble opinion.   Hope you plan to post more games because I would certainly play them!

Thank you for the kind words regarding NPC Town.  As for the key, just keep digging... :)

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The mayor will tell you to talk to the head of the merchant's guild, Gustav.  He's on the 2nd level of the big manor house in the northwest corner of NPC Town.  Talk to him to get the Work Permit.

I've uploaded a version that works better.  I apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for playing my game~!