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he said on quest, not with link. He just doesnt have a good enough pc

you aren't funny

Damn, this is a really impressive game!

hmm... No score counter? Music?

I would have done something like this, but I simply did not have enough time. As it is the middle of summer, I have not had as much time as I would have liked to work on my games.

The fruit that stayed in the air was the object you would spawn the friuit from. Sorry, I should have made it more clear

To the 3 people who have already downloaded this game for windows, does it work?

Hi Valem just as a suggestion, maybe you could scale the spiders down depending on the size of the room asthey were absolutely huge in my room.

very good but needs a crosshair and better controls

this is epic :)

really good game!




Great game!


How do I do that? I am quite new to

OK Thanks! Sorry, I didn't see that part.

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This is a prototype I have been working on. Please say if you think this is a cool concept. Constructive criticism is appreciated.


PLEEEEAAAAASE make a mac or linux build

thank you! I probably will keep working on it, but I am making an fps at the moment so Ill do it later

thank you for the tip. I think there is a link in the comments of the game page to a windows/mac version if you want to try it

this is really fun!!!! did you use rigidbody.AddForce, or something else? thank you

please rate mine: I know it is bad

Thank you :)

this is really fun!

thank you so much! i will use your feedback and i am very glad(and surprised) that you liked it!

thank you! :)

but how do you start the plane

thanks for the tip

here is the link to the mac and windows builds:

that is okay i will upload a windows one now

are you on windows or mac? dont expect too much from it, but thanks!

I dont know what that means but i will upload a build for windows and mac

OK I will. I will upload a build for mac now, and I will later make one for windows as i have to install the software for unity. I am on mac

how do you accelerate??