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Great job making a system-based game like this so quickly! The UI is clean and it's easy to read all of the information without looking at the text. Super well done!

This seems like the beginning of a good game. Like some of the other commenters, I think it would be a good idea to separate your resurrected enemies from the living enemies. Also, all of the units, both mine and the enemy, got clumped together on the tower, making it even harder to tell which of them were alive attacking me.

Using this as a springboard, here are some ideas for the future:

  • Make the base enemies move slower and make the base undead target enemies rather than run in circles.
  • Add a spell that places a marker on the map where a couple of your undead will collect and make a wall out of themselves.
  • Have the enemies appear grouped together in distinct waves instead of constantly appearing at random intervals. (at least, that's how it seemed to be working. I never saw another anything say "Wave 2" was starting

Super well done! All of the elements work really well together and it's all communicated really well to the player. I especially like the instructions being written on scraps of paper, as if they're being left for you by some passive aggressive office worker.

The one problem I had was that the font choice made me confuse the D in FWD with and O. And there was so little time to experiment with that command before the enemy kills you that I didn't type it in fast enough when I figured it out.

Fun game. Fun puzzles. Biggest problem I had was trying to figure out which objects I could move through and which objects acted as walls.

I really wish I could beat it, but I kept encountering a bug where I hit some spikes and would respawn, but the key wouldn't ever come back. I didn't have it and it didn't appear in the level again.

Other than that, though, it's a really cool  puzzle platformer. You did an amazing job of teaching the mechanics through the gameplay and I got far enough to hear the music ramp up one level, which was a nice surprise.

If I were to change anything about the design, I think it would be to remove a couple of levels and put their ideas into the remaining levels. The puzzles themselves are great and the order they appear in the levels works well, but I think they just need to be condensed a little more.

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That's really funny, because the idea of building your ship to replace dodging came from a board game called Galaxy Trucker where that is exactly how the game works. One phase where everyone builds their ship within a time limit, then the second phase where everyone's ship runs through a gauntlet of meteors and other space hazards and you can only hope a small part of your ship makes it through.

Wow! This has some outstanding presentation! All of the messages were intuitive and I love the way you got the messages to edit themselves to show animation. And the art does a good job of portraying the emojis without directly copy and pasting them. The radio was a really nice touch. I just wish discord gave the option to loop the track without me having to go back and click it.

The one problem I had was figuring out how to proceed after feeding the dragon watermelon. There didn't seem to be any emoji for a trapdoor or stairs.

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I think this idea can be expanded into a really cool game with a couple of changes.

  1. Your bullets don't disappear when they hit the enemy. Whenever you fire a shot, you just add another moving obstacle to your path, even if you hit the target. Also if they bounce immediately after hitting an enemy, the player won't be able to walk right next to the enemy before shooting.
  2. Add diagonal surfaces all over the place. If the bullets just bounce back and forth infinitely off of straight surfaces, the mechanic isn't being used to its fullest potential.
  3. Most importantly, give the player the ability to hit a button reflect bullets in the direction they're facing. But only their own bullets, not the enemy's bullets.

And boom! You have a mix between a top down shooter and Breakout.

On top of having a very clean, understandable presentation, this a great concept for a puzzle game! I can imagine the game introducing the mechanic with simple, direct language and slowly starting to use more obtuse language to add difficulty. Maybe adding homographs to hide important words in plain sight or make a rule that a certain type of text can't be used in a command, like any text that's being spoken.

The two minor changes that I think could be made to this version of the game are:

  1. When you return to the right path after pulling the lever, print the exact same text as before the lever is pulled, then add a paragraph after it, which will include the word needed to solve the puzzle.
  2. Give "examine" some functionality on the left path. So when the player examines the tree, a new paragraph of text can appear with either a clue for what words to look for or maybe even include one of the words that solves the puzzle.