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I have the physical of this, it is an incredibly cathartic trans  read.

This was so interesting.

Love this.

Dang, such an experience through text and images. Love this.

Wow this is amazing! :O You accomplished such a great atmosphere with a mixture of text, music and is that bitsy?

An awesome little game. :)

Dang this took a turn, this hit hard.

Dang I love this so much, is this Electric zine maker or did you edit the images yourself another way. This is probably the best zine that balances the readability of the message but also chaotic art.

Can't wait!

Thank you!

Rough around the edges but not a terrible price for a match-3 free of microtransactions and roguelite mechanic. Addicting but not in a way that breaks your wallet. Hope they continue to polish this, but a solid core.

Thank you!

I really enjoyed this "nonsense".

loved the art.

Very cute.

Love this one too!

Short but really enjoyed this, especially the ending.

Love this 💖

I really enjoyed this, simple yet so weighty. I hope you are doing well.

Dang I felt this on multiple levels. Loved this episode of Star Trek, loved the memes, love the art composition on the pages and most of all loved this exploration. 

Thank you!

Ooo, pretty.

Dang, I'm having hard to describe feelings after reading this. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

Makes sense, take your time. I feel like a lot of work is done in the details so looking forward to this! :)

Very atmospheric, can't wait to see where this goes.

The WebGL worked for me. Really love the rip, tear, and paint? aesthetic. 

Thank you!

This was cool!

Late to the party but this was such a lovely nostalgia/remembrance piece without the rose-tinted glasses. Also very funny at times.

Thanks for checking it out!

This was lovely, thanks for putting this on the internet. Sometimes the hardest part is starting. :)

Wow the poetry is really good and its lovely to look at too.

This is visually interesting with the patches and a surreal writing style. I'm still thinking about it.

This is really cute and lovely. :)

It feels a bit odd to say I enjoyed this, but I really appreciated your perspective and your selfie. Thank you for sharing.