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Hello! I made a small update for Rainbow Unicorn Gun, where I explored a little more the mechanics. You can now use red, albeit in a limited way, and I made a puzzle with the idea. Also improved the "tutorial" part of the game, because some players didn't understand what they did at first when coloring the room. It still feels more like a prototype than a game, but I think it shows the possibilities of the mechanic a little better.

The updated game is currently deployed at

If you leave a comment with your opinion or advice on it, I would really appreciate it! :) 

I liked the mechanics. They forced you to change your behavior according to your enemy's color, even though they behaved almost identically; it's also a clever way to reuse the AI. I think the concept it's worth exploring a bit further, maybe through different level layouts to see where it can go. 

Fits the theme perfectly! I liked how you create obstacles by moving, it means you can slow your own movement if you're not careful.

Interesting name. However, it was hard to understand what the goal of the game was, or what the other helicopters were. A more comprehensive tutorial might improve the clarity of the game.

Nicely done, that was pretty fun. I liked how you left one final challenge for the player to solve by themselves. The only thing I didn't like was having to restart after dying, specially because how easy it is to die as you try different things at the end. I know this was because worrying about checkpoints is often the last thing you do in a 48 hour jam though, so it's okay.

Keep up the good work!