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Great artwork and simple, yet good, roguelike game!

I could listen to the soundtrack/music all day long.

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Lol, our birds look similar.

I'm currently watching Actual Play Ep.1 of this game and really loving what you did on combining elements from Cyberpunk and Filipino folklore. I haven't any idea on how to play yet as I've no experience in D&D and such, but I'm really interested on how and hopefully I can find a group to play with.

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I truly enjoyed reading this (even though I'm still only at page 25)! It's kind of sad though that this is only a book and not really a game. And not just that, the artwork is just so beautiful!

I want to run a playthrough with a small group of newbie players, including myself. We've never had the experience of playing an RPG before. My group likes these types of games: murder mystery, questioning the players, deception, etc. so I think this game #birdsecrets fall into the type of genre we'd enjoy.

I'm trying to understand how to play the game, but no matter how hard I try, I don't really quite follow. Is there an existing video playthrough of this game I could watch or is there anyone willing to explain the gameplay mechanics?


Thank you for the key! I don't have a console but I gave to my brother in CA :)

Not sure why the default controls are set to WASD, I hope there's a way to change it? (Or is there a way to configure controls, I haven't tried) But anyway, the game is good, easy controls with challenging time-attack puzzles. Can sometimes be a bit slippery though, I'd miss a tall grass and miss the time overall.