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Glad you enjoyed your time with it, thanks for checking it out!

Glad you had a good time!  Yeah looks like it got a little broken there at the end. Thanks for playing!

It's a shame about the motion sickness, maybe because of the type/speed of movement? I'll have to do some research into that. I'm working on an update that streamlines some aspects of  gameplay, fixes bugs etc but I don't think you broke anything, it's just a pretty weird game :)  Thanks for checking it out!

I'm excited to announce the release of my newest game Interdimensional Hiking for windows.

Game Page:

It's a relaxed and mildly terrifying experience meant to simulate the feeling of visiting alien places that don't conform to our understanding of space and time.

When confronted with the unknowable you must scan. Scanning gives you credits you can spend on abilities and allows you to progress to new worlds.

  • Levels are semi-randomized as are the creatures you encounter
  • There are some light narrative elements but it's primarily an atmospheric experience
  •  It's mostly content-complete though I may add a “Final World” to wrap things up story-wise and fix bugs etc...

Thanks for checking it out

Thanks so much. Love your work btw,  0n0w looks amazing, looking forward to checking it out soon.

Those are some good suggestions. It's odd that you're not hearing the sfx for the rain and NPCs I'll have to look into that. Thanks for playing and I appreciate the helpful feedback.

Hmm, never got that before but it sounds like its a problem with your Direct X, mabey try updating to the latest version:

I appreciate you taking the time with it, Thanks for playing!

Great video! I just released an update that potentially addresses a couple of the things you mentioned, but still a bit of a work in progress. Thanks for checking it out.

I don't want to color your perceptions too much so I'll just say is that the trappings of style and systems are a broad, cumbersome analogy for anxiety, or at least that was the initial spark for the game. The inevitability of it all is the point.

That being said, I do plan on adjusting things a bit. As you pointed out in your video, the player needs more time to explore and acclimate to the systems (as chaotic as they may be) before being hammered repeatedly by “the point”.

Anyhow, I truly appreciate the thoughtful analysis, really helps me get better at making these things, I'm glad you got something out of it.

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Thanks for checking it out! Still tuning the difficulty and systems, it's meant to be hard but  it's definitely a bit much right now. 

So glad you enjoyed it, and  thanks for the write up!

Cool thanks, I'll let you know when it's up.

It's definitely on the list, just don't have a good way to test for mac right now.

wow, thanks so much.

So glad you enjoyed your time with it! Really fun video.

Not at all, go for it. Look forward to seeing what you do.

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Great thanks! Will do when I get a little further along with what I'm currently working on.

Wow that looks cool and thanks!

Just checked out your soundcloud, really great stuff.  What'd be the best way to contact you for future projects?

Not currently, I'll build one when I can.

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing! I think you're the first one that found (or noticed) the creature. I do plan to release the next part eventually.

Wow thanks! These things can take a while but Pt.2 is in the works, better and stranger.

Thanks for including it! excellent video.

Thanks for checking it out! Really fun video.

Thanks for playing! You were actually pretty close to finishing it. I'm realizing a lot about the level/game design with these playthroughs so I appreciate you giving it a look.

cool thanks!

I appreciate the feedback, might want to check the trunk of your car for that coolant :) Thanks for playing!

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Very fun stream, thanks for playing. Cthulhu is a definite maybe!

Thanks so much for playing, great play-through! You're a really entertaining streamer. Maybe I should add a crouch button :)

Hi all, 

Excited to share 'Stranded Near Nowhere' an atmospheric first person exploration game set in a strange desert town. 

Wander around and explore the town and it's secrets, interact with things and the town's shadowy inhabitants.  Try to escape.

Currently for Windows

Link to Download Page

This is my first large-ish game development project, I'd love to know what you think, thanks for looking!