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Jacob Potterfield

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Replied to roy_g in Ramble comments

So glad you enjoyed it, and  thanks for the write up!

Cool thanks, I'll let you know when it's up.

It's definitely on the list, just don't have a good way to test for mac right now.

Replied to Atlas in Ramble comments

wow, thanks so much.

So glad you enjoyed your time with it! Really fun video.

Not at all, go for it. Look forward to seeing what you do.

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Great thanks! Will do when I get a little further along with what I'm currently working on.

Wow that looks cool and thanks!

Just checked out your soundcloud, really great stuff.  What'd be the best way to contact you for future projects?

Not currently, I'll build one when I can.

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing! I think you're the first one that found (or noticed) the creature. I do plan to release the next part eventually.

Wow thanks! These things can take a while but Pt.2 is in the works, better and stranger.

Thanks for including it! excellent video.

Thanks for checking it out! Really fun video.

Thanks for playing! You were actually pretty close to finishing it. I'm realizing a lot about the level/game design with these playthroughs so I appreciate you giving it a look.

cool thanks!

I appreciate the feedback, might want to check the trunk of your car for that coolant :) Thanks for playing!

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Very fun stream, thanks for playing. Cthulhu is a definite maybe!

Thanks so much for playing, great play-through! You're a really entertaining streamer. Maybe I should add a crouch button :)

Hi all, 

Excited to share 'Stranded Near Nowhere' an atmospheric first person exploration game set in a strange desert town. 

Wander around and explore the town and it's secrets, interact with things and the town's shadowy inhabitants.  Try to escape.

Currently for Windows

Link to Download Page

This is my first large-ish game development project, I'd love to know what you think, thanks for looking!